Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

We are happy to offer 20% off on any gift certificates that you purchase for anyone other than yourself (sorry!).  The recipient will receive a downloadable certificate stating the value of the gift (i.e. This Gift Certificate entitles the Bearer to one Hypnosis Session valued at $275.) There is room on the gift certificate for you to include a note as well.  

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Hypnosis Session, 75 minutes. Value: $275. Cost: $220

Know anyone who couldn’t benefit from a little deep relaxation mixed with ego-boosting suggestion? Hypnosis doesn’t take your power away. Quite the opposite, it empowers you to show you how much control you really have over your body. The Mind Rules! Normally $275 for a session. Cost: 220 


Hypnopuncture Session, 90 minutes. Value: $375. Cost: $300.

A wonderful gift offering two different yet interactive ways to relax. A gentle session of acupuncture that releases Endorphin, a naturally occurring ‘feel-good’ chemical, combined with deeply relaxing hypnosis. If there is someone in your life who you’d love to see less stressed or anxious and more deeply relaxed, this is the perfect gift. The cherry on top is a bottle of organically bound minerals to help with sleep. Normally $375. Price: $300.

Acupuncture Session + $25 worth of Immune boosting Herbs. Value: $160. Cost: $100 

Most people know that Acupuncture can greatly diminish pain. It’s also as major de-stressor, helping to relax the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome of the sympathetic nervous system.  This helps the immune system, the organs,and the mind. Both relaxing and therapeutic giving a session is a wonderful gift for those you love. The package includes immune strengthening herbs.  Normally a $160 value.  $100.


Toxicity Scan, Report of Findings & $20 worth of Supplements. Value: $150. Cost: $120

An Applied Kinesiology-based non-invasive scan of the internal organs and hormonal systems.  If there is toxicity we check for heavy metals, immune suppressors, chemical agents or food allergies. We create a Report of Findings (ROF) and a treatment strategy based on organic supplements.  Client receives $20 worth of Organic Supplements relating to the Report Of Findings.


Platinum Health Pack: Toxicity Scan & Report of Findings, De-Stress Acupuncture + $35 worth of Herbs and Supplements. Value: $350. Cost: $280.

A comprehensive test for heavy metals, chemicals, immune suppressors or food allergies, along with a Report of Findings telling you what will repair the damage. Also a De-stress acupuncture session worth $100. And finally, herbal supplements worth $35 dollars–for free!