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5 Ways Acupuncture Treats IBS

5 Ways Acupuncture Treats IBS

As an IBS specialist, I’m often asked how I help those suffering with it. It’s known that IBS has an emotional component even as it manifests as urgency to defecate, constipation or both alternating.

Acupuncture helps calm down the sympathetic nervous system;

it creates homeostasis in the gut;

it helps release endorphins which make the person less anxious,

It soothes the Enteric Nervous system as well which is very much the gut’s own “brain”.

It reduces inflammation in the gut that often contributes to IBS.

Facts on IBS

–It is currently estimated that 20% of the population, or one in five people, suffers from this condition.
–70% of those are women.
–Standard medicine can do little for this distressing condition.

In contrast to this, I utilize a 3-pronged approach for IBS using acupuncture targeted supplements and, when appropriate, hypnotherapy. In this article I will discuss just how acupuncture alleviates symptoms of IBS


How Acupuncture Works For IBS:

Among the conditions that acupuncture treats include:

Abdominal pain
Muscle cramping


IBS Triggers that Acupuncture Treats Include:

Stress symptoms
Premenstrual Syndrome.

Acupuncture clinical studies and IBS

At least one study has found that acupuncture is an effective form of treatment for IBS, particularly the pain and stress symptoms, and that its benefits exceed those of standard relaxation treatment.

Please contact Us with any questions you might have regarding the treatment of IBS without drugs.

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