On Astragalus: The Immune System Herb

People are coming to understand just what a wonderful immune booster Astragalus is.  What’s not understood is exactly why.  For an explanation we have to go back to the concept of ‘Qi”, (pronounced Chee) as outlined by the ancient Taoists. Qi is energy, and Wei Qi is protective energy. Think of it, if you will, as an invisible bubble surrounding you.  Taking Astragalus strengthens the protective bubble, making it harder for ‘external pathogens’ to get into your system. For the five years that I took Astragalus religiously, I did not get ill once. Not once.

However, nothing is foolproof, and it is possible to get ill even if you are taking Astragalus. Here is the important thing that most people don’t mention about this formidable herb: If you get sick with a cold, a flu or a cough, you must stop taking Astragalus immediately.

Why? Because if we return to this concept of the invisible shield—and Wei Qi really is like that—then just imagine what happens when you get an ‘external pathogen’ lodged in your system, and you’ve still got this ‘invisible shield’…that’s right. The bad stuff gets trapped in your body.  Not what you want.

Oh, I know all this sounds like mumbo-jumbo, and no doubt someone will explain how all this works on a molecular/chemical level, sooner than later.

But for now just remember this: Astragalus is great for keeping a cold at bay. And if you do get ill, just stop taking the Astragalus until you’re all better.






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