Acupuncture Can Help with Thyroid Imbalances

The Throat Chakra is a pathway to refined, or higher vibrating frequencies and higher knowledge.  This is the pathway of our ‘Divine Will’, and the ability to Speak our Truth in this life is part of this process. The Throat Chakra also controls the Energy associated with the thyroid gland. A thyroid imbalance may often be caused by people who have a great desire to make their voices known yet feel unable to, or unsafe in the act of speaking out, and thus do not express themselves verbally.  Thus, thyroid imbalances often manifest in people who are angry, full of resentments, or envious toward the perceived success and acclaim of those around them.  They may have a sense that they deserve to be heard but are unable to find the outlet.

This sense of being overlooked, of not being heard can build, until it results in a physical manifestation: an abnormal growth or swelling in the anterior of the neck around the hyoid bone. Acupuncture provides a highly efficient, non-invasive method for releasing this pent-up energy. And while I add supplements as part of my protocol for treating thyroid imbalance, acupuncture alone works wonders. One acupuncture pathway is to needle two points on the back of the neck at the lower border of the spinous process of the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is, in a loving manner, speak our truth to ourselves, and then to the world.


Cheers, Dan at Blue Phoenix Wellness

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