Acupuncture Combats Hypertension

With acupuncture we treat hypertension naturally, without chemical solutions. It is estimated that some 67 million American adults, or 31% of the population, currently have blood pressure levels that are at an unhealthily high level. Many people ask, rightly, how it is that acupuncture can help with this otherwise difficult-to-treat condition. The insertion of tiny, painless and sterile pins into pre-determined pathways on the body releases a chemical called Endorphin, which is the body’s own painkiller. This way it shuts down the stress chemicals and thereby unwinds the Fight or Flight Syndrome.  In New York we seem to eat stress for breakfast. Unfortunately, that does not mean it isn’t eating us alive.

Acupuncture is at core a system for homeostasis. (Homeostasis is science speak for internal balance). This means that fundamentally acupuncture works to balance the nervous system, the digestive system, and the chemicals overseeing our emotional life. In this manner where there is stagnation we bring flow. Where there is too much ‘movement’ in the body we work to create stillness. Ultimately we do a full differential diagnosis and treat the body/mind from that perspective.

Hypertension typically means that your blood isn’t moving the way it should.

Therefore when we find that energy/blood, lymph is stuck, we wish to get the body moving, whether it’s blood, lymph, or electromagnetic energy. Once we do that, the body generally can continue to repair itself, although it can take some time to get it to that point. If something has been building for years, it can take a few months for the problem to resolve itself. Of course, as New Yorkers we expect solutions yesterday. The problem with that thinking is that it normally needs to pills, where you get an instant masking of the problem without resolution.

If you are interested in repairing your body and your mind once and for all, call or email for a free consultation at [email protected] or (212) 777-7191.



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