People hear that using acupuncture for addictions to alcohol and drugs can be highly effective. And while this is very, true–Dr. Michael Smith of Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx  has implemented acupuncture for over 25 years–the issue remains a complex one.

I mention this because I’ve been treating more people in recovery from alcohol lately.   Using a specific Japanese acupuncture protocol as set forth by Kiiko Matsumoto, I address three issues in our culture that are part of the addictive mindset: stress, anxiety and digestion/food issues.  After becoming sober, many people find they are actually deeply anxious. Often they use food use food as a palliative, and turn to overeating, as well as bulimia/anorexia, to ease their anxiety. It is crucial that the blood sugar/food allergy issue be addressed. This calls for a shift in eating habits, plus a targeted supplement plan to support spikes and drops in blood sugar.

If one is so inclined, AA is extremely helpful, and is recommended. As an adjunct one may address the emotional side with either therapy or with hypnosis. Hypnosis is particularly useful as a way of changing one’s mindset, from ‘addict’ to ‘recovering’. It also addresses the part of the addict that, invariably, doesn’t really want to get straight. We often utilize ‘Parts Therapy’ to call out that ‘part’ and then ask it what it really wants. It may be need comfort, power, protection, solitude, or any of a number of other things. 


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Insomnia strikes in many forms and for many reasons, each of them personal to the user. Having realised early in his career that insomnia, either as cause or effect, was a common thread in the vast majority of patients he was treating, Daniel Bernstein has made a lifelong study of sleep disorders. Find out more about how the treatment and understanding of insomnia lie at the heart of his work at Blue Phoenix Wellness and how you can repair your insomnia naturally without using drugs.

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