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Acupuncture for Back Pain

Why you may ask, would you put pins in your back if you’re already in pain. The answer is, 1) it’s painless, and 2) acupuncture is incredibly effective. World Health Organization (WHO) declared it to be so 25 years ago. Whether you pulled you back, woke up  in pain or  injured it, there is a 95% chance inflammation is part of the problem. If there is scoliosis or bulging vertebrae, that has very little to do with it. Once we  get rid of the inflammation, you’re going to feel much better

Acupuncture is great for Sports Trauma

 Acupuncture provides effective long-lasting relief for sports related trauma, muscular pain due to acute trauma, and repetitive stress. We insert fine, sterile needles into pre-mapped zones in the body. This produces its own natural pain suppressants (endorphins) as well as anti-stress and anti-inflammatory hormones. It is a therapeutic option for back/knee/neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, or even crippling migraines. What’s more, acupuncture works by relaxing muscles.  This decreases inflammation caused by the stagnation of old blood and accumulation of toxins such as lactic acid. 

Acupuncture for Accident patients to Reduce Pain

Acupuncture is now used for after-treatment of accident trauma patients. The results include reduced pain, increased range of motion and reduction of lingering suffering. Chronic injury also responds well to acupuncture therapy. However, acupuncture is not magic and often require a series of treatments, especially with longstanding problems and those that have not responded to any Western treatment.

The bottom line? Acupuncture has zero side effects and almost no risks. Very often we don’t even put the pins into the area of trauma. We don’t have to, and it’s still effective. In case you’re wondering, there is a good chance  that your insurance provider will cover the treatment. If you’re unsure whether that’s the case or not, contact our office and we’ll do the grunt work of calling your provider for you to find out. Sound good? Contact us.

Has back pain been keeping you awake? Dr. Bernstein wrote the book on sleep disorders, and it’s an Amazon best seller find more information on it here.

We also do cupping at Blue Phoenix Wellness. Are you familiar with cupping? Most people are by now. It’s one of the most wonderful treatments imaginable. Contact us. 


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