Anxious About Your Anxiety? Relax.

People ask how I can help them with anxiety. I generally use my double barrel approach, the body/mind way, utilizing both acupuncture and hypnosis. How does that work?

Acupuncture does several things. One, it stimulates endorphins, the chemical that gives runners their ‘runner’s high’. Second, it relaxes the muscles much like a massage does. If you’ve ever had one, it’s hard to be real nervous after a good massage. Third, in Chinese Medicine we acknowledge electromagnetic energy, whether it’s called Qi, or life force. When it’s flowing, we’re flowing. When it’s bunched up in a particular area, we’re ungrounded, and out of sorts in our own skin. And that’s just the tip of it.

With hypnosis I often go right into the subconscious and ask it, What positive things did you derive from feeling unsettled. How did that help with survival?

And then I substitute the old reason for a newer, more settled way of being. Part of my initial induction will simply be a relaxer. Since hypnosis sounds so mysterious, even threatening to many people, I’ve decided to include just a little bit of an induction for your perusal.  This section might come after I’ve done an intake, a pre-hypnotic talk, and a Progressive Relaxation introduction.  You’ll simply have to imagine that by now you’re pretty relaxed, and open to suggestion. You’ll also notice that my style is far from authoritarian (And Now you are in my power). It’s more…simple suggestion, which the unconscious is often quite open to if presented properly.

“Not too long ago a woman was telling me her various experiences with SLOWING DOWN.

At first I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but it became clear after a short time. She spoke rather…slowly…which was good because I paid careful attention to the words….noticing many details….and appreciating her special…understanding…of….slowing down…in everyday experience.   She mentioned time as told by an hourglass and contrasted this with time on a clock with hands.  She knew full well that some children these days can’t tell time on anything but a digital clock.

When she sat….very still…she could really notice the feel of her clothes as well as…other interesting sensations…like the prickliness in her scalp or a tingling sensation in her body. At a shopping mall one time she sat down, just sat there very still…and tuned out all the noise.   She sat for what seemed like a long time, although in reality not much time had passed at all…people streaming by….just a blur of movement.   All of a sudden….someone passed by very slowly, which definitely arrested attention.   That person who took so long to walk by reminded her of other pattern interruptions, when you are observing something, or doing SOMETHING DIFFERENT catches our attention.

As you can see, it’s more about metaphor than anything else. And it’s quite effective, because the Subconscious loves dreaming, creativity…and metaphor.


Daniel at Blue Phoenix Wellness

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