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Attack Of The Killer Allergens Part 1

Food Allergies And The 5 Major Stressors

This is not an piece on a little known ’80s punk band. This piece of the puzzle that is ‘health’ explores an often overlooked aspect of healing work.  In order to truly heal (i.e., do more than mask the symptoms with an invasive procedure such as medication) we must determine the underlying barriers to healing and take care of them. There are five major barriers to healing, and while in this piece I will concentrate on food allergies, in broad view, the five of them are:

  • Major Food Allergies
  • Immune Challenges
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Untreated Scars.

Major Food Allergies:
When I mention Food as being a barrier to healing, and food allergies, there is a distinction to be made: We’re not talking about allergies to individual foods, but allergies to major food groups. What are the major foods? They are what we eat constantly, repetitively, day in and day out.  Often the body doesn’t get the opportunity to fully eliminate the metabolic end products of these foods out of the body. As a result, the body, in susceptible individuals, tends to accumulate these metabolic end products and then start using them as allergens. You end up with too much of these proteins floating around the system that the body has no use for. The key ones are:

  • Grains
  • Dairy and Eggs
  • Sugar.

 Grain used to be a staple.  And yet today, as we go further and further along we find that fewer and fewer people can tolerate grain.  It’s amazing how many people are suffering from inflammatory conditions, arthritis, joint problems because their body can no longer tolerate grain, and yet they’re eating it constantly.

 Dairy and eggs have changed; they’re no longer the same product a they were a hundred years ago.

 Sugar: By now it’s a cliche to say that children are getting brainwashed into believing that sugar is what they ought to be eating. And parents, loving though they may be, are unable to say no, and so buy them poison. As a result the average American eats 180 pounds of sugar per year.

So the question always seems to come back to: What works? There are many, many diets out there, and people often wander from one system to another. But if the body doesn’t have the correct replacement parts, it’s going to be constantly out of balance. There are nutritional systems that handle the systems, and some that handle the underlying imbalance.

 Because the alternative is a long, slow decaying of the system that leads to breakdown, and often, cancer (one in three of us is expected to get cancer if we live long enough). In a country where, with all of our medical advances, we are number 37 out of 49 of all ‘civilized countries’ in health care. We are 37th in infant mortality. And yet, between the pharmaceutical companies and the food conglomerates, there is little room to move and find our way.

Drugs are essential in life-or-death circumstances; they bring someone up to a state where they can begin healing. Where medicine has failed is in applying that paradigm to the chronically ill. The chronically ill are not suffering from deficiency of chemical drugs; they are suffering from nutritional deficiencies.  Our goal is to find the correct nutritional protocol for the client. Not fix the ‘illness’, but to repair the patient.  Not find the illness in a Merck manual and give them the drug, but to go deeper into one-on-one healing: to muscle test the client and thus ascertain precisely what that person needs in order to begin the process of self-repair. We look for that which will supplement that person, with his or her life and health experiences. It should not amaze anyone to know that the body itself is a wonderful feedback machine. Given a chance, it will tell us what it needs and precisely how much of that healing substance it will need. 

We strengthen our immune system by eating in a conscious and healthy manner, and by repairing old damage with whole foods. The handling of food allergens comes down to three areas:  

  1. With foods that aggravate the allergic response, then elimination or reduction is in order
  2. Enzyme therapy helps the body digest properly and to handle residual toxins. The body craves appropriate enzymes that handle the accumulated effect of food allergies.
  3. Clean the system: the liver, the bowels, the kidneys using non-invasive methods.

Curious about what other toxins can damage us? Read about Immune Challenges; or Heavy Metal Detoxes (Not about never again listening to Metallica).


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