Balance Your Hormones for Better Health

Q: How Can Hormone and Adrenal Balancing Help Me?

It is the rare city dweller who doesn’t experience stress. We tend to think it’s part of life and we may as well accept it. But stress releases a slew of chemicals that slowly, over time, wear us down. One of then is cortisol, a stress hormone. When daily life sends us constant stress, cortisol keeps spiking. This drains us leading to fatigue. But we have busy lives, and the tendency is to try and push through it.

Eventually, the body slowly begins to wear down and, over time, break down. It’s my belief that it helps to be pro-active in slowing that process. Using a simple muscle test we can see the health of your hormone system. If there is wear and tear on your thyroid, your adrenals or any gland/hormone, we seek to repair it using whole food supplements which help to balance your hormones to get you feeling your best.

The goal is to:

Repair The Endocrine System

Impacts on weight issues (tired thyroid) diabetes, menstrual or menopause relief, and chronic ulcer.

Repair The Adrenal Gland

“I sleep all night and wake up feeling fatigued”. If that’s you, stress has been spiking cortisol, the stress hormone. This tends to drain the adrenal gland, which is the source of your energy (adrenaline). Our goal is to repair your damaged adrenals so you can sleep better & have more energy.

Repair the thyroid.

Thinning hair, bad nails? your thyroid may be in need of tlc. We first muscle test to see if the thyroid is weak, and then repair the underlying issue using targeted supplements.

Repair damaged organ systems

To better handle stress, heart conditions, headache, depression and other conditions.

Eliminate toxins

Reduce or eliminate fatigue, IBS, arthritic conditions, asthma and skin rashes to name just a few problems. (For more information on how to eliminate toxins from your body, read my articles on Food Allergens, heavy metals, and immune challenges.)

Your adrenals may be in need of help if:

  • You feel dizzy when standing up, or feel winded climbing a set of stairs.
  • You wake up in the morning and feel as if you’ve been running all night.
  • Try to lose weight and it simply isn’t coming off.
  • You are experiencing restless sleep or, conversely, feel a surge of energy at 10 p.m. If so, your adrenals may be fatigued.

Q: How Do We Determine What the Body Needs?

The human body runs on electrical and chemical signals that are transmitted to and from the brain by the nervous system. By testing reflex points for each organ, tissue, or function using applied kinesiology, we monitor what the body needs. A weakened reflex area signifies an underlying dysfunction, which can negatively affect the patient’s health, and ability to recover from stressors. If you balance your hormones you can experience relief from many issues that stem from various dysfunctions.

Q: Why Do I need ‘Whole Food Supplements?

Much of our food today has chemicals and not enough nutrients. Whole food supplements are derived from organically grown whole foods, and prepared in a way that preserves their vital enzymes and vitamins. Only in this vital form can they help the body heal from the environmental stressors that may be compromising our immune systems.

Q: What Are The Major Barriers To Healing?

NRT often uncovers, then leeches out, such stressors as:
Food allergies: Grains, Dairy, Sugar (24 major ones in all)
Immune challenges: Fungal, viral and parasite.
Heavy metals: Mercury, aluminum, lead (16 in all)
Toxic chemicals: Acetates, Chlorine, Dyes (13 in all)

Q: What is Applied Kinesiology and is the information it gives you reliable?

Everything we do creates a chemical reaction, whether it’s eating or sleeping, walking or talking. And it’s known that every chemical reaction creates an electrical response in the body. Thus, electrical energy is constantly flowing between all parts and organs of the body. This natural flow can be disrupted by lifestyle, diet, stress, etc. 

Applied Kinesiology testing uses your own nervous system to gauge the relative strength or weakness in an area being tested. I am thus able to access your body’s own information system, which tends to be highly accurate. Once this underlying stress is corrected through a nutritional program that is tailored specifically for your needs your body will respond accordingly. 

Following your consultation, you will be given the results in a way that you can understand them, with a specific nutritional program that fits in with your lifestyle. We always begin gently, by giving your body the whole food supplements it requires to begin repairing itself.

Q: Why Can’t I just Change My Diet?

Unfortunately, there has been a drastic decline in the quality of food over the last fifty years. This has impacted almost every person in this country, and it is increasingly the case. As a result of poor diet, more people these days are dependent on more drugs than ever before. And still, people are getting sicker and sicker. Add to this the preponderance of toxins in the atmosphere–heavy metals, food allergens, chemicals and immune suppressants–and it has become all that much more difficult to simply change our diet in order to get healthy. We use only Whole Food supplements that come from organic farmland in Wisconsin. The company we use exclusively is Standard Process, which has been in existence since 1929.

Q: How Soon Before I see an Improvement?

Every person is different. Some people have been eating poorly their entire lives and ought to expect that their organ systems need gentle and persistent nourishment. These supplements are not drugs that suppress your symptoms–that is, after all what all drugs are designed to do–but whole food medicine that nourishes what has been damaged. This process can take some time. 

That said, my patients often report feeling much improved in as little as 6-8 weeks. We all want to be cured of problems that often took a lifetime to build up to, but curing our bodies can take time, and requires a commitment to the program, and to yourself.  If a patient proves to be a Nutrition Response Testing case, the chances of greatly improved health can be as high as 90% or better. Once we accept the case, we commit to helping the patient move back toward the full and abundant life they deserve.

If you would like to find out more about how  we can help you balance your hormones please contact Daniel here.

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