Menopause Without Symptoms Part II

In fact, your body is making hormones, and you’re getting bombarded by hormones in the environment. The biggest dose of estrogen you’ll get is, unfortunately, via pesticides in the food you eat. So if possible buy organic foods. If not, scrubbing your food will help.

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Menopause Without Symptoms: Part 1

Why Women Lose Bone and get wrinkles at Menopause

New research has shown that Women use up to 30% of their collagen in the first 5 years after menopause, and they also can’t make GLA from their food anymore. GLA is what makes your skin dewy and soft, giving it that luminescent glow which you’ve got a lot of in your 20’s.

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SOV: Save Our Vets

I’ll own up and say there are times when I derive satisfaction, perhaps even glee, when I see the “medical establishment” being brought up short.

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Stop Smoking But Don’t Gain Weight

1. Choose your meals wisely: Go for lots of vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk products, and lean meats and alternatives. Don’t forget your body is detoxing, so you will want to feed it nutritious food, especially now.

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Weight Gain Is Now Brain Loss

I look forward to reclaiming our stake as a nation that is healthy. Not #37 out of 37 among the Western worlds ‘civilized’ nations in both health and quality of health care. Which is what we ar

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When we talk about an attitude shift we are talking about going into our core, the unconscious, in order to modify behavior. In a way it’s not unlike any coach giving his team a pep talk, drilling his message into them until they can ‘say it in their sleep’.

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In a recent study, 20 women between the ages of 22 and 42, all with BMI (Body Mass Index) higher than 27, were divided into 2 groups. The group of women who followed a regimen of a 2,000 calorie-per-day diet, regular exercise and weekly ear acupuncture treatments lost on average more than twice as much weight as those who only dieted and exercised, even when they did not comply exactly with the treatment plan.

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