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Information for Patients

Whether you are a returning patient or a newcomer considering treatment for the first time at Blue Phoenix Wellness, this is the right place to start. 

If you are an existing patient:

If it's your first time at Blue Phoenix

Your Treatment at Blue Phoenix

At Blue Phoenix in New York City, we offer Acupuncture, Herbs, Hypnosis and Hormonal Testing. Most insurance accepted. 


Daniel has been in practice for 24 years and is trained in classical acupuncture, Japanese and modern styles. At Blue Phoenix we use only the highest quality, disposable needles.

As an NCCAOM NY State licensed acupuncturist since 1995, Daniel offers pain-free acupuncture for issues such as Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety, Digestive Issues and Stress. He also does Cosmetic Acupuncture. 


Daniel is trained both NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis and has been Consulting Hypnostist (CH) since 2005.

He is passionate about helping people to quit smoking and release excess weight using hypnosis. He also treats issues such as Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety, IBS and Stress.

Other issues are more linked to motivation such as Phobia Cures, Procrastination and Self-Esteem issues.

Hormonal Testing/Nutrition

Applied Kinesiology can help locate, and treat, hormonal imbalances, environmental issues and food allergies.

Once this underlying stress is identified, it can be corrected through a gentle, personally tailored nutritional program that is tailored specifically for your needs so that your body can begin to heal itself.


Certain issues, and some patients, demand a unique therapeutic approach. Hypnopuncture combines the powerful ability of acupuncture to shift energy and hypnosis to reroute neural pathways toward the same goal.

It is a relatively new treatment modality; by combining the ancient science of acupuncture with the equally ancient art of hypnotic trance, the client often sees positive shifts in both body and mind.

How to register, book and pay for your treatments

Welcome, and thank you for choosing Blue Phoenix Wellness. I try and make it a point of doing a brief consultation with new patients before booking a first appointment to make sure we’re a good fit. If you have insurance, check the insurance tab directly below this one, follow the simple check-in protocol and then set up a time to chat.  

If you are paying for treatment “out of pocket”, You can use the contact form below to request a time for a call back or hit a button below to call or email us . We will try to accommodate your preferred date and time, or email you to arrange a mutually acceptable alternative.

Please do not use the form to discuss extended personal health matters as we cannot fully guarantee your privacy through this method of communication.

Good to see you here!

If you have received treatment from Daniel before you might be seeing a few changes in our website. It’s not just a whole new look, we’ve also changed the way we take bookings and payments and collect important personal information from our clients. You can still contact us by telephone or email and book the old-fashioned way if you prefer, but we think you will find the new online booking system useful and convenient. 

Our New Blue Phoenix Patient Portal

We’ve introduced this new service for two reasons.

1. Online Security & Privacy

We wanted to ensure that any information that you share with us during the course of your treatment is as safe and secure as we can make it.  Our new system is properly compliant with HIPAA legislation and you can be confident that you can communicate and share information with us completely securely via the new portal.

2. Making Life Easier!

We believe that the new portal offers you greater convenience, a smoother way to book and manage your appointments and treatment programs and also to provide us with information. You can, if you wish, opt in to hear from us when we have news or special offers to share.

Getting Started

We are gradually contacting existing clients to offer them the opportunity to register for an account with our new Patient Portal. If you haven’t received an invitation yet and would like to get started, please contact us and we’ll get you set up. If you are already registered you can access the Portal here:

We work with a number of insurance companies and will gladly check your insurance coverage for acupuncture care. If you have insurance coverage for acupuncture, I will bill your insurance for you as part of my services. Please send us your insurance information ahead of your appointment so that we may check your benefits. 

We are in network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, United HealthCare and OSCAR,. We are out of network with Aetna but sometimes can accept it as well.

We are happy to assist you with all the paperwork involved. You’ll need to send us an email with your date of birth and insurance ID, and we will verify your benefits for you. 

If you are not insured, or are not sure whether you have cover for acupuncture, please email me or call the clinic on (212) 777-7191 as we are often able to find a solution. 

Blue Phoenix Wellness makes every effort to protect your personal information, especially where it relates to your physical or mental health. We have introduced  a convenient and easy to use Patient Portal for booking and managing your appointments that is fully compliant with HIPAA legislation.

The booking system is available for all registered patients. If you would like to request access, please get in touch and we will get you set up.

Registered Patients:

New Patients or current patients who wish to register for online booking:

1st Acupuncture SessionIntake, Report Of Findings (ROF) and Treatment75 min.$150.00
Follow-up AcupunctureRe-evaluation and treatment45-60 min.$125.00
HypnosisInitial Intake, ROF and Treatment1.5 hours$300.00
Follow-up HypnosisContinued Treatment45-60 min.$250.00
Hypno-acupunctureAcupuncture+Hypnosis Combination75-90 min.$375.00
De-Stress AcupunctureAuricular for Stress/Stop Smoking/Cravings45 min$110.00
Corporate De-Stress SessionsPlace of business (Up to 20 people)45-60 minCall
Corporate talksfive to five hundred peopleTBDCall

Registered Patients:

New Patients or current patients who wish to register for online booking:

Save On Pre-paid Packages. Call to discuss your own, personalized program.

If you are embarking on a long-term wellness program with Daniel, Blue Phoenix offers discounted treatment packages. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these options.

Silver Pack (7 sessions)3 hypnosis sessions, 3 acupuncture, 1 Nutrition testing$1325.00$1200.00
Gold Pack (10 sessions)4 hypnosis sessions, 5 acupuncture, 1 Nutrition testing$1825.00$1600.00
Platinum Pack (14 sessions)6 hypnosis sessions, 7 acupuncture, 2 Nutrition test$2950.00$2500.00
Unlimited Acupuncture Up to 80 sessions for 12 months.$9000.00$6500.00
Unlimited Hypno & AcupunctureUp to 55 sessions with hypnosis and or acupuncture$17,000.00$12000.00

Bring wellness to your organization

A stressed workplace is nearly always an under-performing workplace. Dan Bernstein is an engaging and highly knowledgeable speaker and teacher. His workplace events focused on reducing stress, tapping into motivation and unleashing the power of self-hypnosis have proved not only highly popular, they are also very effective team building experiences for all involved.

Armed with the techniques that Dan teaches, your attendees will head back to their desks with a shared sense of purpose in becoming the best they can be, individually and as a team.

Corporate De-Stress AcupuncturePlace of business (Up to 10 people)45-60 min$850.00
Corporate De-Stress HypnosisTeach Self-Hypnosis (up to 50 people)60 min.$1200.00

Please contact us if you would like to discuss holding a Blue Phoenix Wellness Event or Workshop at your business.

If you have received a gift card please contact us to make arrangements for your treatment. Please include your unique gift card code in your email.

Buy a Blue Phoenix Giftcard

Blue Phoenix Wellness Gift Cards allow friends and family to contribute to or cover the cost of treatment for a friend or loved one.

You can choose the amount you want to give, add a message and, if you wish, delay delivery until a particular date. It’s a wonderful way to support someone in their path to health.

Changing or cancelling an appointment

If for any reason you can’t make your appointment, or wish to change the time, please do so no less than 24 hours beforehand.

Otherwise, the full amount for that session will be charged as I am unable to see another patient instead. Managing your appointments, including any changes or cancellations is quick and easy via our Patient Portal.