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Boost Your Immune System With Acupuncture

Boost Your Immune System With Acupuncture

When I offer my seasonal treatments, I let people know you can boost your immune system with acupuncture. With Asian medicine there are sub-systems that deal with man’s place in nature and his surroundings. Just as rivers flow on earth, so does blood flow in our veins. And as the seasons change, so does the human body go through cyclic changes that impact on its vitality. One reason we get colds around the Equinox/Solstice, is that the body still is trying to play catch up with the greater changes taking place around it.

One little known system prepares us for the change of seasons. As a practitioner seeking to balance my patient, this means checking his/her health, defining their ‘body type’* and then performing a seasonal treatment.

The treatment helps create a ‘protective wrapping’ called ‘Wei Qi’ that strengthens the immune system.  Thus the person is less susceptible to colds, muscle aches and other exogenous events, while maintaining greater inner vitality throughout the coming season.

*Body Types

On the most basic level there are ‘yang types’ and ‘yin types’.  A simple way of looking at this most root categorization is to think of the patient as, generally speaking, either excess–think large, expansive, outward energy–versus deficient (imagine, smaller boned, quiet, perhaps introspective).  By using our senses we quickly perceive the type and, after verifying the value of this analysis, or not, we add what we have gleaned from this to our treatment protocol.

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