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Conquer Your Fears And Phobias with Hypnosis

Conquer Your Fears And Phobias With Hypnosis

Living with a fear or phobia can make your life miserable.

A phobia can interfere with you being able to function on a daily basis in your life.images Perhaps you’re having a hard time leaving your house, or being in crowds. Many people have a hard time making new friends or talking to people, and so simply prefer to stay home.  Others may have fears of heights, enclosed spaces or bugs. Whatever the fear may be, when confronted with it, we feel paralyzed by it, and it can feel insurmountable.  And while part of you knows that the feeling is ‘irrational’, you still feel like a slave to it.

Can Hypnosis Help Me Overcome My Fear?

The answer is, Yes! We first identify the images and fears that you are struggling with. Then, using a combination of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we change the ‘film’ going on inside your mind; we overlay new images over the old ones, thereby taking away the power of the old images.

 In the past, whenever you tried to confront that fear or phobia, you had a certain reaction to it that did not go well. So now, the only programming you have is that you’re going to react the same way yet again…and you try really, really hard to overcome that…but it feels insurmountable. And you feel helpless.

All these beliefs and feelings and thoughts are in a certain area of your brain. In a way, your brain is analogous to the branches of a tree. And those branches of a tree grow to the areas of your brain that support those feelings and fears. We also know that your brain creates neural networks, and these fears, that are like branches, grow together to keep a belief, a feeling or a traumatic memory in place This is why it’s sometimes hard to keep away these obsessive fears. These ‘branches’ have grown together, and they are strong.

So now, when you think about letting go of that fear or phobia, if your brain is accessing this specific network of neurons that supports that old fear, your old programming gets lit up, and it happens very quickly…

With talk therapy, it is possible to overcome these old feelings, but it’s a little bit like learning a new sport, or an instrument. It takes a long time to grow new neural networks to replace the old ones.

With hypnosis and NLP we’re speeding it up.   One of the techniques we use, once you are in trance, is to create an extremely safe scenario. We have you watch a film of the previously painful ‘film’ from a place of ‘double dissociation’, (meaning you are very, very far away from the fearful scene). We then create another scenario, which is the way you do want to feel, whenever you think about this fear or phobia. We then use a process of ‘reprogramming’ to eliminate the old fear or phobia by creating a far different response, the one you would prefer, instead of the old one. We find it usually is unnecessary to use regression therapy, although that is always an option if the client feels comfortable with that. 

Getting Rid of Fear Can Be Immediate

images-1Your subconscious was able to quickly develop a fear, often in a split second. Hypnosis uses similar methods to quickly eliminate it. Many people believe that, because they’ve suffered from a phobia for years (often, since childhood), it will be difficult to break free of it. But consider how quickly that initial fear developed in the first place. In only a few minutes your perception changed dramatically. This shows that a person is capable of learning, and very quickly, after only one experience. With hypnosis we employ this exact same principle to reverse the process. Many people experience a dramatic improvement after a single session.

Fortunately, hypnosis and NLP can provide potent, lasting relief from phobias ranging from the mild to the severe, and from the ‘common’ variety to the most obscure type. We use no drugs and do not espouse long-term therapies. Instead, hypnotherapy uses techniques that promote deep relaxation and where the client is always aware of what is going on. Our goal is to target the source of your phobia, address it, change your response to the stimulus and eliminate your fear.

It is important to understand that neither hypnosis nor NLP is a form of ‘mind control’. Even while you are deeply relaxed you are always aware of your surroundings. You hear, understand and process everything the hypnotherapist is saying, as if you were having a conversation across a table. What this is means is that, because you hear everything being said to you, it is impossible for the therapist to plant ideas in your mind or have you do anything that goes against your own better judgment.

Living with a phobia isn’t easy. If you’re tired of suffering and would like permanent relief, call us at (212) 777-7191 and schedule your free consultation at our office in downtown Manhattan.  Because life is too short to live it in fear. 


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