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 Portion Control–Without the Struggle.

You’ve been down the roads, all of them. Weight Watchers, Paleo, Atkins, ad nauseum. Every diet has Unknown-1failed you, and you’re barely able to read this because it’s just another pitch to have you lose a bunch of weight only to see it return with a fury, plus five pounds. 

If you think this describes you and only you, the good news is: You’re not alone. Millions of men and women go through the ritual of dieting, losing weight and then gaining it back. People have good intentions in going on miracle fad diets, only to abandon them after a few days.  They want to lose weight, but just can’t seem to. And they blame stress, fatigue, lack of self-control, and zero willpower.  

Here’s the crux: You can take control of your body, but first it’s crucial to understand some facts about losing weight:

  •  Diets are of limited value over time.
  • Exercise is an inefficient weight loss tool.  60 minutes on a treadmill just to lose  a piece of cake’s worth of calories is not the answer. It is a wonderful cardio workout, but it’s not the way to lose weight.   
  • Support Groups:  Both Overeaters Anonymous or Weight Watchers are often effective, but require life-long adherence for fear of ‘falling off the wagon.
  • Drugs of any kind are a mistake for which you will pay for years into the future. 

images-1The solution is easier than you might think. It’s not about sweating more, or sacrificing. The trick to committing to a healthy lifestyle lies in changing one’s mindset on a subconscious level. Then when you change the way you approach food,  it’s because you’re doing so in a way that is congruent with the healthy person you really are. By creating an internal shift, you can maintain weight loss for a lifetime. 

Is There A solution for Weight Gain?

Yes. And the solution has nothing to do with Diet Gurus, Weight Loss fads or any of the other answers in the list above. The solution lies inside of you. You can activate your body’s own healing engine in a healthy, permanent manner to stop fighting ‘yourself’.  This jumpstarts healthy, consistent weight loss–without struggling.   One relatively recent, but very effective process we utilize is Hypnotic Gastric By-pass Surgery. Here is valuable information on Hypnotic Gastric By-pass Surgery.

How Can You Help Me Lose Weight?

We proceed in a measured, thoughtful and safe manner that fits with your comfort levels. Following aUnknownhealth history, we discuss your weight loss goals. I then answer any questions that might relate to how you might best proceed. And while we primarily use Hypnosis, Acupuncture and Supplement Therapy to help you along your way, you are always in charge of your therapy. It takes strength to learn portion control, and that strength will ultimately come from inside of you. And isn’t that exciting!

1)  Hypnosis: An Easy Weight Loss Secret.

You’ve practically starved yourself to lose weight and look good, and yet the scale is stuck like glue. And you just feel plain bad. The good news is, It’s Not Your Fault. 

You see, will power just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it’s weak. Your subconscious mind, however, holds the key to your success in losing weight. Perhaps early on, eating made you feel better when you were feeling badly. Your subconscious saw eating helped you cope and that became another survival mechanism. Eating for comfort became part of you. Luckily, none of that is written in stone. Hypnosis can help us break free from habits that do not serve us.

imagesEach session begins with Daniel guiding you into a state of deep relaxation.  Using a roadmap, you begin to let go of the preconceived ideas that you wish to be rid of in favor of new ‘programming’. Starting to work on the ‘inside’ to change your outsides.

Daniel uses classical hypnosis and the more modern Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you reroute your neural pathways from “I can’t do this,” to, “I’m already succeeding”. As part of the program you receive positive motivational suggestions while you are in trance (but always aware, and never ‘unconscious’). More questions about Hypnosis? Click here. 

2) Acupuncture.

This ancient system jump-starts the body’s immune system to increase circulation, reduce edema and eliminate cravings.

  • Regulates MetabolismA history of irregular eating, overeating—even thyroid dysfunction—can all contribute to a slow metabolism. We target the thyroid and endocrine glands to help stabilize blood sugar levels, thereby increasing metabolism.
  •  Raises Serotonin levelsThis increases tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach, thus suppressing appetite.
  •  Benefits Digestion: Over time, crash diets, irregular eating habits and excessive greasy or images-4fattening foods take their toll on the digestive system. Chronic symptoms such as bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea are all signs that the digestive system is out of balance. Acupuncture regulates the digestive organs so that you are symptom-free.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: For many of our patients, anxiety, stress and depression are underlying reasons for eating. Once addressed, the ‘need to eat’ begins to subside–and you’re much happier. All without drugs of any kind.  Acupuncture releases chemicals called beta-endorphins, which create a sense of wellbeing by relaxing the sympathetic nervous system. We also address what’s going on physically under the cravings. 

What They’re Saying

Dan, I feel like this is a huge gift. For our next session I would like to work on my palette and that I only eat small amounts of the highest quality foods and getting up earlier in the morning to exercise:)  If I can keep this going I will reach all of my goals! Thank you so much I really appreciate what you have helped me do.      Michele L., Attorney

3) Supplement therapy.

Fotolia_10517173_S-1-150x150We all know that food today is nothing like the food that our parents or grandparents ate. Where as their food was free of hormones, pesticides, and pollutants the toxicity in our food eventually wears down our livers, pancreas, thyroids, adrenals, etc.  We use Applied Kinesiology (AK) to determine the state of your endocrine and organ system. If you are enzyme deficient, or toxic, or possibly both this can impact on your health. What has all this got to do with losing weight?

  •  A body lacking essential nutrients and enzymes will often try to compensate by sending out food cravings.  These cravings often disappear once targeted whole food is added to the diet.
  • If your body is holding toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, etc.), we help get them out of your system.  And by getting the essential nutrients your body needs, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and lose weight efficiently, without drugs or crash diets.   Interested in knowing more about supplement therapy? Click here.
  • The most important test we do is to ascertain whether your body is available for a therapeutic intervention. If it is not–perhaps that’s due to toxins, stress immune-suppressants, chemicals or heavy  metals–we need to repair that issue first. Only then can we  get on to the process of true portion control–and by extension, weight loss.

Each of these stand-alone modalities works with every other method, and have a role in:

  • Regulating metabolism so your body runs more efficiently
  •  Clearing out toxins while making the body more efficient.
  • Reducing stress and lower cravings
  •  Preparing you physically and mentally to want to exercise.

Blue Phoenix has 3 Weight Release Programs. Each one includes hypnosis and acupuncture, along with a nutritional plan.  Please see our Pricing page. 

 Book a free 20-minute consultation today. This consultation lets us evaluate your suggestibility quotient, as well as ensure that you are a candidate for treatment. If for any reason you, or we, feel this is not the system for you, you are under zero obligation to continue.

If you know it’s time to regain your health, call us at (212) 777-7191, or email:  [email protected]. 


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