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Create Your Vision/Writing Goals Pages.

Create Your Vision/Writing Goals Pages.

After doing a Health Fair last Wednesday, I found I’d put so much energy into the preparation for it, that the next day I experienced I mild ‘hangover’. There’s nothing wrong with high preparation for an event or any situation wherein one hopes to achieve certain goals.  In fact, it’s good practice to set goals, if only to focus our desires and expectations, and so that we can create our vision in a healthy manner.  The mild ‘hangover’ was understandable, too, given the mental and physical energy I’d put in. And it had been worth it, since I was able to explain acupuncture and nutrition response testing to quite a few people. What’s more, three people made appointments to see me.

Writing Goals Pages can look like this: (Try this if you like, it’s interesting.)

Do I have a Vision for my (insert, Event, Job, Relationship, Life, etc.)

If yes, how will my goals emerge from that Vision?

If not, how will clarity of Vision help me define my individual goals.

My vision for this event was twofold: 1) That I could be of maximum service to people looking for alternative ways to expand the scope of their health. And 2) that I would be the person they would turn to for many health-based solutions. Many people were surprised to learn that acupuncture can help with such issues as obesity, smoking cessation, back pain, shoulder pain, Carpal Tunnel, arthritis, insomnia, and, the big kahuna in most any office universe, Stress.

My goals for this event included speaking with 25 people to let them know what it is that I do.  My second goal was to get their names and emails so I could be of further service to them and their loved ones.

My third goal was to have a great time

By the end of the event I realized that 26 people had kindly written down their names and email addresses, and another 2 had given me their cards. I’d also felt comfortable in the process, and the time went by real quickly. Given that the event lasted all of two hours, I felt happy that I’d accomplished the goals I had set, and I was heading back to my clinic, ready for the rest of the day.

Writing Goals Pages:

“We Set goals to measure our progress and reward achievement”

Removing Obstacles:

  • Am I willing for life to be different? What does willingness look like, how do I express willingness?
  • Am I willing to let go of all attachments I’ve had to suffering?
  • Am I willing to let go of any and all resistance I have had to being happy and prospering? (if not, what is in my way?)
  • What would it look like (feel like, sound like) if I let go of all resistance to happiness and good fortune?

If you have some goals, you can write them down and be specific. You can separate each goal.

You can also develop small action steps necessary to move toward, and achieve your goals.

And if you like, you can speak to a trusted friend/relative and ask them if you can read those goals aloud to them, without judgment or even feedback (unless you would like/can handle honest feedback).

Hope this helps.

Daniel at Blue Phoenix Wellness


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