Cure Your Anxiety, Naturally

Cure Anxiety with Acupuncture, Hypnosis

If you’d like to cure your anxiety naturally, acupuncture or hypnosis are natural options. Whether you feel neck tension, an upset stomach, panic, or other symptoms, they all can create insomnia. It’s easy to see why you’d want cure anxiety.
With anxiety, you might be unsure of what’s actually wrong but, if there it is. Sleep can suffer as a result, and every thought contributes to the negative spiral.

What’s worse, your well-meaning doctor wants to give you drugs, but they are habit forming. There is a physiological response taking place. The adrenal glands spit out cortisol, a chemical that induces anxiety stress. It’s not all in your mind by a long stretch.

cure your anxiety naturally
She learned to conquer her anxiety with our help.

Step 1 to Curing Your Anxiety, Naturally

We can cure your anxiety naturally. But before we can do that,  we want identify what sort of anxiety you have been struggling with. You see, not all anxiety is the same, and as a result, we treat you, not your diagnosis. Some people struggle with Generalized Free-floating Anxiety. That is a common malady, and we can help you get relief from it, naturally.

Panic attacks, or Obsessive thoughts: Other people may experience vague Fears and unsteady nerves. We treat those differently–and never using drugs–than we me might treat someone struggling with a phobias. (Hypnosis has a wonderful treatment called the 5 Minute Phobia Cure–and it works!). These days, many people have difficulty coping With Stress. Life has been difficult on many levels, especially in the time of COVID. Beyond that, there is performance anxiety (as a former musician, I understand that one completely–and again, hypnosis is brilliant for helping to cure that).

Of course, many of us have worry and uncertainty in our lives. And while they are not a constant, they are like rain on a stone, wearing us down over time, until we are not functioning at 100% of our capacity.
Another common issue may be anxiety that is linked to low self-esteem or lack of confidence. There is nothing wrong with a person suffering with those issues, but it’s something that we often encounter, and can help with. You might be surprised that acupuncture can be effective for seemingly emotional problems, but the curative aspect of the body is quite amazing in that context. When you calm the body, the mind starts seeing itself more clearly, and in less of a fog of misunderstanding.

Cure Your Anxiety with Acupuncture and Hypnosis

Cure anxiety before it beats you.  And it is a tricky foe, changing and share-shifting at times–we are better able to determine how we can help you cure your anxiety–naturally. Our methods stretch across Chinese medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbs), Functional Medicine for toxic chemicals and hormonal rebalancing (supplements), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (that includes hypnotherapy). One of our goals, not unlike with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is to replace old, damaging ‘tapes’ and ‘hard-wire’ positive ones. NLP is often a powerful option for that. The mind is powerful, and just as a person can get a phobia around flying in one minute flat, so can they get relief in a very short time. Think about that.

Acupuncture relaxes the mind and body, thereby ‘rebooting’ the way the body responds to stress. Of course this is an absurd oversimplification of the way acupuncture works on the physiological system. If you are curios about learning more about acupuncture, you may go to my website and read about acupuncture here. If you are curious as to how anxiety and insomnia are related, you can access my best-selling book, Rewired For Sleep: The 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program. Curious about it? Peruse the website:


Curious If Hypnosis Can Cure Your Anxiety? It Can!

If you are curious about how hypnosis works to cure anxiety, you can read more here
Hormone Rebalancing allows us to repair parts of the body that have been damaged by anxiety and stress using organic supplements.

If you’re currently on prescription medication or under a therapist’s care for anxiety or depression, we will coordinate with your licensed medical provider. The main thing to know is that we are aware that no one therapy fits all. You can get relief from anxiety with acupuncture, or hypnosis, or another method altogether. At Blue Phoenix we respect the unique aspect of every person that we treat. For a consultation contact us

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