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Cure Your Insomnia Naturally

Cure Your Insomnia Naturally–with Acupuncture & Hypnosis

If you’re sleep-deprived, know that you can cure your insomnia. That you’ll once more be able to sleep through the night. Even if you have sleep apnea. My success rate in treating sleep disorders is very strong. That having been said, I also know that treating insomnia is rarely as easy as treating say, a strained back or shoulder, or even gastric reflux. You see, the main culprit with insomnia is the human brain.

If you’ve been overworking or being too festive, at some point your body will send your brain a message that something’s got to change. Losing sleep is a pretty strong signal, and one you’ll eventually have to pay attention to. The good news is that sleep-deprivation is curable. It’s true, you can cure your insomnia naturally.

So after a good amount of delaying, and rationalizing, you finally say, Okay. That’s when you have to choose: take a pill or heal the underlying issue. But you’re desperate, and exhausted, and your doctor nudges a prescription across the desk at you. Chances are, you’ll be tempted to pick up that prescription just to get some relief. You don’t need to be desperate or exhausted. Why? Because we have ways to cure your insomnia naturally. One way is with hypnosis:

Medication cures nothing. What’s worse, after you take benzodiazepenes or Ambien for twenty-one days, you are officially addicted.  If your doctor didn’t warn you about that inevitability, then shame on your doctor. But what is more important, there are many, many techniques at our disposal to help you calm anxiety, reduce fear, and let go the negative voices that often stumble into our brain just when we are trying to sleep. We have all had that dark night. Contact us if you’d like to learn to control your sleep better.

cure your insomnia naturally
When sleep feels miles away

Proof that You can Cure Your Insomnia: the 6 Barriers.

After over twenty five years of treating sleep issues using natural methods, I’ve mapped out six barriers to sleep that lie at the root of almost every sleep problem. They are Pain, Anxiety, Digestive Issues, Depression, Drug interactions and Stress. These six issues, whether alone or in tandem, make up 95% of all insomnia. I first uncover the main underlying issue(s) and then I treat that as the key to unlocking sleep. I find that often helps when you want to cure your insomnia naturally.

Whether you are struggling with one of those issues or another one, we can help you. The tools I use include acupuncture and safe Chinese herbs, hypnosis (wherein I teach the patient how to lower anxiety and stress), and hormonal balancing. The last piece essentially helps reboot an adrenal system decimated by stress, anxiety and the ensuing insomnia. Another “tool” that I use is the Four Step Trauma Intervention (FSTI).

You Can Cure Insomnia In a Way that Works for you.

If you are interested in doing the work on your own, you may also pick up my book: “Rewired for Sleep: The 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program“. In my book I map out various exercises you can do to help yourself. The book is available on You may also contact us for a consultation, whether online or live.

If you are having problems sleeping, it may be the best possible solution you could come up with. After 26 years of helping people to sleep, I have come to understand what is the best remedy. For some it may simply come down to supplements. I have a range of supplements that I use as a first line of offense against insomnia. There are Chinese herbs as well, and of course acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

You see, the choice is always yours, because we believe you always will make the right choice. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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