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Self-Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for helping to get rid of a person from your consciousness. Of course it’s more effective in a professional setting, but this exercise helps align your unconscious with the ‘letting go’ program.  You may make a tape to listen to before going to bed.  Contact me if you would like me to send you a CD.


You can, if you like, imagine yourself on a beach, standing by the shore; it’s very calm out there, the water is deep blue and  vast, huge and mysterious, small waves break, and way out in the horizon you see boats and ships that sail the waters, bobbing up and down; you can feel the breeze on your skin; the sand between your toes, hear the wind and the breaking waves on the shore, the water going in, hanging on, and then letting go. The ocean…and the gentle sound of the waves is so soothing a sound… And if you like you can bend down on one knee, and with your index finger, write into the sand, the name____. Go on, just write the name into the sand.

Great. Now, just stand back, and  watch the  next small wave that breaks on the shore wash over the name. That’s right, Just imagine it washing right over the name, and the name disappearing. Simply vanishing from the sand, forever.

In that same way you can imagine the person vanishing from your life; simply being washed out to sea. Dissipating from your consciousness.

And isn’t good to know that, anytime you want, you can mentally erase ______ from your thoughts. You simply, and joyfully can detach yourself from the negative mental associations and your life is joyful and fulfilling. The undesirable memories of _____ fade quickly away and you mind is calm and tranquil.


You are self contained, self sufficient and self reliant. You do not need nor want anyone who is negative in you life and you now mentally erase them. Let them wash away into the ocean and sink to the bottom of the sea.


The undesirable memories of____ no longer affect you for you are at peace and totally detached from them. The words and actions of other people have no effect on you.


The divine white healing light now surrounds you and floods you with a sense of strength and well being in your mind, body and spirit.


It is done.


Feel free to contact me if you would like to explore the ancient art of hypnosis and self hypnosis.

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