Do Women Love Acupuncture More than Men Do?

At a health fair for employees at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) yesterday—I always enjoy getting the ‘word out’ on non-drug based healing—I saw a discrepancy between the sexes. The experience reinforced some beliefs, while offering up new ones. Being both a hypnotist and an acupuncturist, I’ve come to love letting go of old, negative belief systems that no longer serve me. 

First, I was (again) surprised that a crew of mainly hip, 20-to-early 30’s bohos were, for the most part, still acupuncture ignorant. That was where I came in. With a row of five chairs in front of my table, I performed auricular (ear) acupuncture on 18 people in the space of 2 hours. Most of them said they enjoyed it, though two became lightheaded during the mini-treatment. Rare though that reaction is, being in a full room, seated–not lying down–and with no pin in the foot to descend the Qi (the last a practical choice) can make one a bit dizzy. Most were happy to get their first de-stress treatment before heading back to their cubicles.

My takeaway:

  1. People in general are becoming more open to new ways of healing.
  2. Women are more open to acupuncture than men.

 Either way, it was fun seeing (from the corner of my eye) the reaction of women versus men while watching me work. Men often had a slightly horrified expression, as if they were witnessing brain surgery; women, on the other hand displayed an expression that was somewhere between intrigued, and luminous. Like they couldn’t wait for that inevitable buzz.

 Vive la difference!


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