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As someone  who practices several ‘alternative’ protocols–if acupuncture, hypnosis and Nutrition Testing are still that–I get to see the biases against one or another of them on a consistent  basis.   A friend taking part in a corporate Health Fair recently asked me to share a table with her. Since the Fair themes —Weight loss, Smoking Cessation and Diabetes management—were right up my alley (and I wanted to support my friend), I said yes. Source Media, whoever you are, here I come!

While speaking with the coordinator she made it clear that, while I could talk about acupuncture, doing that, or hypnosis, was Verbotten. Nixed. No good.

“Be happy to follow your protocol,” I replied, a mild grimace already spreading across my spirit, “maybe you could explain that policy.”

“Well, Dr. Bernstein,” she replied using the ‘Doctor’ as a mollifier, “a lot of people don’t believe in hypnosis. I…I’m not saying I do or I don’t, but that’s the policy at….” (They shall remain nameless)

“That’s no problem,” I said. Why mention that the concept of ‘believing’ in hypnosis or acupuncture–or Penicillin for that matter–is a distraction. The real conundrum is our ‘belief’ in an allopathic medical system that often damages patients, even as it is getting them better.  It is human nature  to believe the things we have always believed, until given a reason not to.  I accept that, to a point. When it roils me is, well, like what I read this morning in the NY Times. It was reported that hundreds of hospitals have been double scanning patients, thereby giving them the equivalent of 700 chest x-rays unnecessarily. For more on this dubious practice, read here.

“I can talk about acupuncture and magnets and cold-laser. they all help with smoking  cessation and weight reduction.”

“I appreciate your being so understanding.”

“A point of information: Hypnosis helps people quit smoking, lose weight, manage pain and stress. The very things the company you’re representing wants their employees to address.  Let’s not even talk about its effectiveness in boosting self-confidence for sales, and managing insomnia.”

“It does all that?”

“Mm-hm. Without taking blood, hacking people open or chemical procedures. But I won’t mention hypnosis.  Thanks for making me part of your Fair. I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun and, hopefully, informative as well.

 “Thank you, Doctor.”

“Please, call me Dan.”

“Yes, Doctor Dan.”


Cheers and Peace

DR Bernstein at Blue Phoenix

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