Menopause Without Hot Flashes

Drug-Free Menopause

Menopause is a naturally occurring transition to post-reproductive life. At Blue Phoenix we offer drug-free relief from many symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia. These effective treatments, rooted in a synthesis of naturopathic, and classical Asian methods are safe, and designed to help your body be the optimally healthy, self-regulating system it can be.

                Support for Symptom-Free Menopause

Our natural menopause support program is a complement to conventional medical care, addressing issues that often come up during this transitional time. The symptoms that we see are natural, but often made worse by a build-up of stress and/or environmental toxins. Using acupuncture, supplements and habit management techniques, our patients report significant relief from hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings, among other symptoms. Under the guidance of their physician they can then reduce or eliminate prescription drugs and, in many cases, the use of hormones.

The A-B-C’s of Menopause

As your body transitions from the reproductive into the Wise stage of your life, it’s natural for the ovaries to produce less estrogen and progesterone. This can lead to uncomfortable, even severe symptoms as your body adjusts to the hormonal shifts.  But this doesn’t mean that you have stopped making estrogen or Progesterone, only that it is diminished and now being produced in imbalanced amounts, which can create discomfort.

 In part this is due to the fact that your adrenal glands have taken over where your ovaries left off as ‘hormone central’. But being your primary ‘stress’ gland, your adrenals may be fatigued from decades of overload. A fast paced, get-it-done-now lifestyle can do that.  Unfortunately, adrenal fatigue can also lead to a rapid decrease in estrogen and progesterone, instead of a more gradual one. Thus you are feeling spikes of estrogen, then progesterone, and then estrogen again.

Menopausal symptoms are natural. Your body had its priorities in place by placing your adrenals, and their stress-induced ‘fight or flight’ abilities in the forefront of your survival mechanisms.  And while this has impacted on your hormones, we can help calm your adrenals, balance your thyroid and energize your liver so that your body can take care of itself better than ever.

How You Get Help

Our first goal is to carefully review your medical history, current symptoms and lifestyle, including diet. Once we have a clear picture of your issues, we devise a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan, targeting each of the symptoms, while addressing the underlying reason for those symptoms.  Here are some of the treatment modalities we have at our disposal:

  • Acupuncture relaxes your mind and body, regulates your hormones, tonifies your adrenals and thyroid, and detoxifies your liver.
  • Supplement therapy helps your tired adrenals and thyroid, while detoxifying your body from a lifetime of environmental and food toxins.
  •  Habit management techniques including gentle exercise, meditation and self-hypnosis to de-stress the body and mind.

As a result of this complementary therapy, you invariably feel better, find renewed energy and enter the next phase of your life without unnecessary risk of hormone replacement drugs.


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