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Enhanced Orgasm for Women Part I: The Inward Pull

Enhanced Orgasm for Women Part I: The Inward Pull

This blog is a continuation and gathering of four previous blogs that I wrote on Taoist Meditation—all of them influenced by the wonderful work of Mantak Chia.  Those are: Meditation Is an Energetic Turn-On; Taoist Meditation II; Taoist Meditation 3: Turn Off the Dark and The Healing Smile And How to Use it.

The added piece is a simple chart of the major energy centers in the body,  both male and female. The point is, once you have begun meditating you can start moving the energy, circulating it on the wheel that is created by the mental circulation of it. At the end of the meditation always bring the energy, using your mind, back down to Yung-Chuan, or Kidney 1, or to (1)Tan-Tien, your center.

Taoists recognize the huge opportunity for inner alchemical cultivation during sexual arousal. The Taoist orgasm takes this intense focus of energy that has been drawn to the sexual organs and spreads it throughout the body. With this sexual ‘electricity,’ many other centers in the body are activated and revitalized.  This is called the ‘inward pull’ orgasm, achieved by the Orgasmic Upward Draw. One way that a woman can enhance both her health and orgasmic abilities is to practice the inward pull using a jade egg inserted in her vagina. For now this is all I’ll say about it, but feel free to check out this site:



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