Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation Without The Scalpel

I’ve written about the work I do using acupuncture, cold laser and magnets to ease the lines of the face.   Once in a while a client comes in, panicking over a single line or two on their face. As we age, small lines give the face an expressive quality and animation, and those are nothing to be afraid of.  It’s the deep furrows and folds that the poet Tucholsky referred to as the ‘trenches of life’ that we need not accept.  A  combination of acupuncture, cold laser and magnet therapy—along with other modalities —make for an effective system of facial rejuvenation, without resorting to cutting the face or surrounding areas.

Given that surgery has cornered the market on rejuvenation, it’s not surprising that few people know there are other ways of maintaining/regaining a youthful appearance. That having been said, a consistent treatment schedule using acupuncture and magnets on the face and neck will improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen. This in turn tightens the facial musculature, giving the face a younger look.

The full protocol looks like this:

  1.  Acupuncture and/or cold laser
  2. magnet therapy
  3.  Meditation
  4. Homeopathy: Zincum metalicum D 8, Silicea D 4

Contact me at (212) 777-7191 for a 15 minute Free Consultation


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