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Blue Phoenix FAQ


Thank you for taking the time to visit the site. For the last 24 years it’s been my mission to help people reach their health goals. It’s natural that you might  have questions as to what you might expect. Perhaps you’ll find the answer to some of your questions here.

Try to jot down minor symptoms, regardless of whether they seem related or not. Try to remember how long you’ve had each of these symptoms, their severity, and how often they occur. Please make sure you have eaten something in the last 4 hours. Wear loose fitting clothes and don’t drink alcohol or high energy drinks beforehand.

As you are a new patient, I will personally review your health history. In addition to a health questionnaire (which you can download) I will ask you more questions that relate specifically to your current condition. Once the examination is completed, I will give you a report of findings to determine if I can help, and if so, what treatment strategy will best meet your goals. Assuming we both feel I can be of assistance to you, you’ll receive treatment along with lifestyle recommendations, breathing exercises or other forms of therapy. The first session typically takes seventy-five minutes, with subsequent sessions lasting about forty-five minutes.

That depends on the severity of your condition/issue and how healthy you are otherwise. It also may depend on how often you get treated. Some people may require twice-a-week treatments, while others only twice a month. Generally speaking, 6 to 12 weekly treatments are enough to make a substantial difference in most conditions. At that point, the frequency of visits may be reduced.

Sometimes we get it right at the first appointment, and you’ll feel relief immediately. Sometimes it takes two or three sessions to get to the core of the issue, and then we start to see progress. Sometimes, especially if the problem is chronic, it can take longer. Chinese medicine has been around for three thousand years. In the end it’s not magic, it’s therapy, and good enough that the WHO (World Health Organization) has called it therapy for the 21st Century.

 Avoid hot showers and big workouts for 8 to 12 hours after your acupuncture treatment. These, and other similar activities such as drinking alcohol or taking other mood altering substances (excluding prescribed medications), may disrupt the effects of your treatment. If at all possible, after your first treatment notice your reaction to it. Try and be aware of any changes in symptoms or mood between treatments. Sometimes even the smallest details may be clues to understanding and speeding up your progress For a short time there may be slight sensitivity where the pins were inserted. Occasionally, bruising may develop at the point of insertion. If so, apply a hot compress or liniment to the bruised area. It is temporary and will clear up on its own soon enough.

It is very important to me that you be here only if I feel this work can help you. I will be honest about this with you at all times. And while we cannot predict how, or if, someone will respond to treatment, I will have an idea within a few sessions if you’ll be a good candidate for continued care. As far as continued care, I will space out your appointments as much as is possible for you to receive the accumulated benefits of Chinese medicine (acupuncture &/or herbs).

Practicing medicine with integrity is core to me, and you are extremely important to me. When you come to Blue Phoenix Wellness, it is a time that you get to leave everything outside the door and let someone else take care of you. If you ever need anything while you are here (quieter music, no music, to be warmer, water, anything) all you have to do is ask. Your comfort is paramount.

You can email me HERE.  You may also leave me a private voicemail by calling the office at +1 (646) 922-8998

We accept most insurance. We are in network with  Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, United HealthCare and OSCAR, and out of network with Aetna. 

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