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Fertility FAQ

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The goal of this Fertility Q &A is to clarify for you the process by which we assist your fertility process. While reading this be aware that we have been assisting couples on their road to conception, and healthy birth, for seventeen years. 

At every point we’ll keep assessing your progress and make changes as needed. By following these steps—diet, acupuncture, supplement therapy and stress reduction techniques–it’s highly possible that you’ll be able conceive within a period of months. 


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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″][accordion id=”” class=”” style=””][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”My Doctor has told me I might not conceive. Can you help me?” id=”” class=”” style=””]Our fertility enhancement program is uniquely designed to support your body’s innate intelligence and harmonize the delicate balance of your fertility cycle. Using a meld of modalities that include acupuncture, supplements and herbal prescriptions, nutritional supplementation, and mind-body lifestyle guidance, we have seen dramatic improvements in patients with these and other conditions that affect fertility:

  • Polycistic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS)
  • Endometriosis
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve
  • High FSH
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle
  • Amenorrhea
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Prevention of certain types of miscarriage
  • Male factor issues such as low sperm count, motility or morphology

[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”How effective is Asian Medicine for fertility?” id=”” class=”” style=””]The first records of fertility treatments using Traditional Chinese Medicine date back to well before the Christian Era. Over the years tests have abundantly proven that it works.  Click here. And here.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”What is Unexplained Infertility?” id=”” class=”” style=””]Hypnosis has Been found to be effective with Unexplained Infertility  See here.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”In what specific ways can you help me?” id=”” class=”” style=””]

Our 4 step program prepares your body, mind and spirit to nurture a child. Of course, each program is designed specifically for the individual patient, taking into account her (or his) needs. Assuming that your body is physically able to conceive, we assess what is blocking you from doing so. Often, the ‘culprit’ can be broken down to one, two or even all three of these issues:

  1. Physical: Your reproductive organs are not working to capacity due to an internal imbalance that can be rectified. 
  2. Nutritional: After a lifetime of eating chemically laden food, your body may be craving certain nutrients and enzymes that have been missing.
  3. Emotional: Some clients can have unconscious fears around getting pregnant; others are simply are unable to ‘relax’ enough to let things happen naturally. Again these are issues that are treatable with a combination of acupuncture, simple breathing techniques, and/or hypnosis. 

[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”I’ve read that Male Fertility May be an Issue. Is that true?” id=”” class=”” style=””]It is true that up to 40% of fertility issues with a couple may be due to issues of male fertility. For more on this, click here.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”What Is Your 4 step program leading to conception” id=”” class=”” style=””]

This is our 4 step program leading to conception (and we never ask a patient to do anything they aren’t fully compliant with):

  1. Diagnosis: Once you have filled out a questionnaire and we discuss your symptoms, we use Chinese Medical diagnostic principles, Applied Kinesiology and BBT charts to ascertain the roots of your imbalance. This discovery process informs the methods we can enlist to enhance your natural ability to conceive.
  2. Diet: This may entail choosing foods that will help purify your blood, or increase energy flow to your kidneys, or eliminate stagnation in your liver.
  3. Treatment: Acupuncture strengthens your immune system, relaxes you and prepares your body for conception.  Simple, non-taxing exercises may also be prescribed. Should you be a candidate, hypnosis can help many cases of so-called unexplained infertility.
  4.  Targeted supplements and or herb tonics to further increase  your chances of conception.
  5. At every point we’ll keep assessing your progress and make changes as needed. By following these steps—diet, acupuncture, supplement therapy and stress reduction techniques–it’s highly possible that you’ll be able conceive within a period of months.

[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”My endocrinologist says my hormones are normal. What now?” id=”” class=”” style=””]Many hormonal problems occur because of slight imbalances in the endocrine system, altering the way the body produces hormones. Western diagnostic techniques may not detect any abnormality. Our goal is to get your hormones and the other systems in your body back into a state of sub-clinical, but very real homeostasis, or as we more simply address the issue, optimal balance.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”Hormonal stimulation didn’t work. What can you do?” id=”” class=”” style=””]Our goal is not to stimulate your hormones but rather to restore your body’s natural balance, so that it does the job on its own, naturally. It may help to think of your body as a river. The health of the river depends upon the natural flow of water. Normally, rain falls in the hills, runs downhill into streams, then into bigger streams, then into the river. But if the river isn’t being fed—if there’s a drought, for example—the system will break down.  The ‘Western’ solution to a drought is to open the floodgates of a dam upstream and release an enormous amount of water all at once. As a result water will flow into the river, but because the river’s ecosystem isn’t equipped to handle that much water all at once, problems may arise.  Hormonal stimulation can have the same effect on a woman’s body: it floods the system with a huge amount of stimulation that the body simply isn’t equipped to handle. The Holistic method takes a different approach. Rather than flood the river with water from a dam, the natural approach is to seed the clouds and release enough rain to restore the proper level of water in the river.  In similar fashion the Holistic Practitioner seeks to stimulate the body’s own natural production of hormones by restoring the health of the entire system.  Once the body is in balance and its hormones are restored, conception can occur.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”I’m sick of injections and don’t need more needles.” id=”” class=”” style=””]Acupuncture is practically painless. In fact most people find each session relaxing, as it is known to release endorphins into the system, inducing a natural ‘buzz’–the same feeling of wellbeing as a ‘runner’s high’.  I always advocate trying one treatment, and if you still find it’s not for you, we pursue other options to balance your system, like acupressure, magnets or heat treatments. In extreme cases, hypnosis may be used as a bridge to overcoming needle phobia.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”A few words on this amazing process…” id=”” class=”” style=””]It is important to remember that there are no quick fixes here. And while we all would like solutions yesterday, the body has its own timetable for healing. These holistic treatments are designed to work with nature rather than against it, to allow conception to occur rather than force it.  It’s advisable to be on this program for at least three cycles with full compliance before you can expect noticeable hormonal changes. That said, many clients report almost immediate improvements in their level of health and well-being, as well as greater energy, more emotional calm, and a sense that they are working with their bodies to prepare themselves to become pregnant.[/accordion_item][/accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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