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Get Allergy Relief With Acupuncture

Get Allergy Relief With Acupuncture

People are increasingly finding they can get allergy relief with Acupuncture. Allergies are extremely common and becoming more so, with up to 40% of the population suffering from such substances as pollen, dust, food or medication. Conventional medical treatments include nasal decongestant spray, antihistamine, or cortisone-based inhalers. While these drugs typically relieve the broader symptoms, they rarely address the root cause of the illness. Worse yet, constant use depletes the immune system while becoming less and less effective over time.

Acupuncture has helped a great many people with allergies. With this effective and non-invasive method we’re able to eliminate allergies and allergy related conditions, including sneezing, runny nose, itching and congestion. The thin needles stimulate the nervous system to release chemicals in the body, thus engaging its own internal regulating system. This strengthens the body’s resistance and balances the body’s antigen-antibody reaction to relieve allergies as well as asthma and sinusitis. An excellent treatment option for allergy based diseases including asthma and sinusitis, Acupuncture:

  • Treats both the symptoms and the root cause of imbalance.
  • Detoxifies the body, and strengthens the adrenals and immune system by decompressing the lymph systems.
  • Addresses any emotional causes of allergic symptoms.


As someone who’s had allergies all my life, with sneezing, sinus congestion, and stuffy head being the standard symptoms, I feel great ever since going to Daniel. I was skeptical at first. But I’d tried shots, and I was tired of all the medications that either didn’t work or had harsh side effects. After just four treatments with Daniel I started feeling better. A lot better.  No more runny nose, no more asthmatic wheezing, I kept going until my allergies disappeared. And I see how I’m in much better shape all around. Now I go in once ever six months for a booster treatment, which is money well spent. Daniel, I will tell every person I know with allergies about you.

FG, Blue Phoenix Patient, NYC, NY

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