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Get Relief from Anxiety – Naturally

Anxiety is often a factor in insomnia. Our goal is to help you achieve more profound sleep through the night.

Shine a light on Anxiety and get Relief

You experience anxiety uniquely. Whether your symptoms expresses as neck tension, an upset stomach, panic, or any number of anxiety-based symptoms, they all can lead to a lack of timely sleep.

The sufferer is unsure something’s actually wrong but, if there is, he knows he can’t cope with it. Sleep can suffer in this environment, and every thought contributes to the negative spiral.

The Western medical solution is to medicate the sufferer. All this does is knock the person out. This might be a temporary solution. The problem is that there is usually a physiological response: the body spikes cortisol, a chemical that induces stress. It’s not all in your mind by a long stretch.

Relief from Anxiety: 1) What's the Problem?

It’s important to identify what sort of anxiety we’re dealing with before we can truly begin to repair it. And there are many sorts, each of which comes from a different part of the brain. Our goal then, is to ascertain that and use acupuncture, hypnotherapy or targeted supplements/herbs to re-route the synapses so you an begin to regain control of your body and mind. These are just some of the types of anxiety that you may experience: Generalized Free-floating Anxiety
Panic attacks, Obsessive thoughts
Vague Fears and nerves, Phobias, Difficulty Coping With Stress, Performance anxiety, Worry and uncertainty
Anxiety linked to low self-esteem or confidence. For more on how anxiety is linked with poor sleep, you can read Dr. Bernstein’s best selling book: Rewired For Sleep: the 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program, now available on Amazon and Kindle. This valuable resource can help you to use your body’s own capacity for lowering your fight-or-flight response using tried and true methods. And always, naturally and without the use of medication. 

Anxiety Relief: the Solution

Once we see how your anxiety manifests, we determine how to best work for you. Our methods include Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hormone balancing, or Functional Medicine. One of our goals, not unlike with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is to replace old, damaging ‘tapes’ and then to replace those (‘hard-wire’) positive ones in their place. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is often a powerful option for that as well, using the power of words and actions. Feel free to contact us for an appointment or to set up a consultation. 

Acupuncture relaxes the mind and body, thereby ‘rebooting’ the way the body responds to stress.
Hormone Rebalancing allows us to repair parts of the body that have been damaged by anxiety and stress using organic supplements. More on Anxiety, here.

If you’re currently on prescription medication or under a therapist’s care for anxiety or depression, we will coordinate with your licensed medical provider.

Retake Control, Regain Your Ease.

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