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Get Anxiety Relief Without Medication

In my New York acupuncture and hypnosis office I see people for anxiety, tension, insomnia, phobias and related issues. Until now it has been only anecdotal, but thus far true, that I get far greater success than the drug companies for these conditions. The New York Times has recently written up the results of a study on drugs for Anxiety, stress, tension and insomnia: The results? They don’t work.

Read here from the New York Times:

“There are a small number of controlled clinical trials of antipsychotic drugs in generalized anxiety or social anxiety that have shown either no effect or inconsistent results. As a consequence, there is no F.D.A.-approved use of an atypical antipsychotic for any anxiety disorder.

‘Yet I and many of my colleagues have seen dozens of patients with nothing more than everyday anxiety or insomnia who were given prescriptions for antipsychotic medications. Few of these patients were aware of the potential long-term risks of these drugs.”

The simple fact is that both acupuncture and Hypnosis are marvelous for anxiety, stress, insomnia and even depression, when people continue the course of treatment to conclusion.  Hypnosis is known to change brain wave activity substantially. And when you access the subconscious mind change tends to remain in place far, far longer than taking a pill nightly/daily does.

I used to get annoyed because it seemed the medical establishment was ignoring me and my ilk, until I realized that my anger was against intransigence, and that the real injured parties are the clients of this massive wrong-headed thinking.

 It’s very possible to cure anxiety using the mind and/or acupuncture. The simple fact is that:

  1.  They both work, and work quite well
  2.  Both modalities are still treated as second class healing tools

 But that’s not interestingat this point. What does matter is when I get a client who is, typically, at first suspicious, fearful and cautious, only to leave with a smile on his/her face.   Being able to leave behind anxiety, insomnia, stress in one session? That’s what I call efficient treatment.


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