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Heavy Metals Detox

Do A Heavy Metals Detox; Free Your Body. 

Wondering what it means to do a Heavy Metals Detox? This is part 3 of three articles on how to release toxins from the body in a gentle, yet effective manner.  Given that toxins can be a major source of illness and discomfort that stop people from being able to heal, this work can be crucial. The major sources of toxin come from heavy metals, chemicals, food allergens and environmental toxins. 

Thus far we have discussed some of them in Attack Of The Killer Allergens Part I, and then in Immune Challenges.  In this article we will discuss getting rid of Heavy metal Toxicity.

The scientific community is aware of these toxins but is unable to help using a nutritional approach. Recent breakthroughs have allowed us to reduce the heavy metal loads in individuals through a simple, non-invasive test using Applied Kinesiology.  With this method we test for Arsenic; Aluminum; Cadmium; Chromium; Copper; Gold; Iron; Lead; Manganese; Mercury; Nickel; Silver; Tin; Titanium and Zinc, among other metals.

We thus learn if you have heavy metals in your body, and what they are. This  allows us to create lifestyle guidelines for you. For instance, if we test and the person comes up that they’re getting aluminum poisoning, it’s important to know if they are using aluminum pots; are they using baking sodas or baking powders with aluminum in it, or underarm deodorant, which is loaded with aluminum.  All these things leach into the nervous system and eventually can cause Alzheimers and other neurological disturbances.  Once we know the specific toxin we can:

  1. Give the client the correct lifestyle guidance
  2.  Create the correct nutritional protocol  program that helps the body remove or reduce the levels of these toxic particles so it can actually heal itself. We can assist this process in various ways, with straight nutrition; there are products that have a tremendous affinity with the nervous system that can literally go in and pull metals out of the nervous system.
  3. Make sure the body is producing enzymes that enable the body to get rid of these poisons. Such a product might include bentonite clay and related substances that will grab the toxins and keep them in your bowel so they can pass through, rather than get reabsorbed back into the body. Otherwise they move back into the liver. Bowel function needs to be taken into account with heavy metal detox.
  4. Continue to monitor the client’s progress, making sure they don’t detox too quickly, as that could be injurious to the system.

Very often, once a person does a proper heavy metals toxins detox, many other symptoms seem to disappear. The importance of this form of detox from the body cannot be over-emphasized.

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