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How Acupuncture Works

I know, I know.  You’re thinking I”m going to go into some routine about Qi, or energy passing through vessels no one can see–and more esoterica.

But what if I could wave a magic wand and help you get more good out of your own healing resources, would you be interested in that?
Anybody who wouldn’t be interested in that?
Well, to tell the truth I don’t have a magic wand, but acupuncture (and hypnotherapy as well) can help to boost your own healing resources. You see, both of these modalities utilize a similar idea that modern medicine finds, for the most part, anathema:  that we actually have the capacity, in our body and, equally important, in our minds, to heal what’s going on with us.
And in a world where medicine is becoming increasingly specialized, the idea is just too…simple, too elegant, even…that by placing someone in trance, or putting pins in them, one could eliminate such diverse complications as asthma, PMS, cravings, GI issues, Pain, Fertility, etc. etc. And yet the evidence that it is indeed possible, even the norm, is irrefutable. So we work sometimes under the radar, and, increasingly, less so.

Now, on to how acupuncture works. It’s known that everything we do, whether it’s eating, sleeping, talking or walking, creates a chemical reaction. And every chemical reaction creates an electrical charge in our body. As a result, we have rivers of electrodynamic energy coursing through us. Sometimes, and this is no one’s ‘fault’, living in a way that doesn’t serve us (bad food, bad thoughts, bad lifestyle) leads to electricity getting stuck in particular spots. This creates pain, dysfunction, and depression. Some three thousand years ago the Chinese Sages were able to map these rivers of electrical energy and pinpoint the most important energetic depots on the body where energy can be stored, released or moved around.

That’s how we know where to put those darn acupuncture pins.

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