Hypnosis Is A Proven Cancer Therapy

For many who have used it, hypnosis is a proven cancer therapy. For some time now I’ve used acupuncture and/or hypnosis with cancer patients in my New York clinic. Depending on the expectations, we get excellent results.  It is essential to have clearly defined expectations, and then to go about seeking to surpass them.  And while some would call this ‘symptom’ work, when dealing with pain that is very important, and is targeted to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy, radiation and such. So while I rarely address the core issue of cancer itself, the therapy that I provide is often a godsend for someone in discomfort from the disease’s devastating and numerous side effects. Here is a random list of issues that may crop up that is, by no means, encompassing. Here’s an article I found that is related to cancer and using hypnosis as a treatment modality: 


  • Stomach issues: Stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite 
  • Dehydration; fluid retention; nausea, vomiting. 
  • Skin, hair and nail problems,
  • Exhaustion and weakness, insomnia 
  • Dizziness, headaches, muscle pain
  • Sensory Issues (taste and smell)
  • Anxiety, depression, insomnia.

With acupuncture and/or hypnosis I treat all these symptoms with a high level of success.  While chemotherapy and radiation are front and center in this terribly difficult fight,  it is appropriate that complementary medicine be included to help the suffering patient. 

PS: In this article the average woman got all of 15 minutes hypnosis, a relatively short period for a session, and therefore less effective than, say, a forty-five minute session.  Imagine what would happen if people got the correct ‘dosage’?

If you are looking to minimize the effects of your cancer therapy and would like to discuss your options with me, I offer a 2o minute free consultation. Until then, Namaste. 

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