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A person may be unable to sleep soundly through the night for multiple reasons. The problem may have begun in childhood due to a simple issue such as having been awakened from a deep sleep. This would create an imprint that hypnosis can bring to the surface. Or it might be more recent, due to financial issues, death of a loved one, divorce or another undesired life change. The form of hypnosis would reflect these, or other factors.  

The subconscious mind is always there to benefit us. That might seem odd, given the discomfort of insomnia. Sleeplessness may be a message from the unconscious that the person that he/she needs to make changes, and until they do so, insomnia will continue to present itself. We speak to the subconscious mind these to help us decipher how to resolve these unconscious conflicts.

It is interesting to know that trance work has been with us since the Egyptian pyramids. At that time, priests/doctors would help people resolve conflicts using dream work. Today we use related techniques to access a part of us that almost limitless potential, and then utilize it to resolve conflict, in this case, issues sleeping. 

If you are interested in resolving sleep issues contact me. I can help. (212) 777-7191 or [email protected]



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