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Hypnosis is a valuable and highly efficient tool for helping to clear ‘obsessive thinking’.

This difficult issue might manifest as circular and relentless rumination over a person, a lost job (or object), a situation that feels out of control, or a real or imagined health issue.  The possibilities for obsessive thinking are endless. In truth, almost everyone has experienced this exhausting activity at one time or another. For those who have been down that dark, often sleep-deprived road it is an uncomfortable feeling, to say the least. In its more pronounced form it is often termed OCD.   This sort of pop nomenclature invariably signifies there is a drug you are to take for your newfound friend/condition.

As hypnotists, we need a Doctor’s referral to treat these clients. And once we get a referral, we often deconstruct the harsh diagnosis. We do so for the client’s sake. Often they come in with a diagnosis that is as great a weight on his or her chest as the actual symptom itself.  This reaction is both typical and very understandable. More important, this sort of diagnosis may not be helpful because the presenting ‘issue’ is rarely the cause of dysfunction.  Rather, it is a symptom of something else altogether going on in the psyche.  The standard diagnosis of OCD is usually a catch-all phrase that rarely addresses what is going on with the singular person seated before us.

After the intake at my New York clinic, I sift through an array of treatment modalities and the client and I get to work.  We typically clear up obsessive thought patterns within three sessions or less, using a Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique or else through classical hypnosis. 

Ruminative thinking is one way the subconscious mind tries to communicate to the conscious mind that something is amiss and needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, the conscious mind rarely gets the message, often going in the opposite direction by choosing to medicate itself. Those who choose to access their subconscious mind through hypnosis often are  amazed at the results they get. And with good reason. Given our upbringing in a disease-based health system, it can be more than a little disorienting when we realize that we have, within our own mind, the power to get rid of something that is…the product of our own mind.

Shocking, indeed.

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