Hypnosis for Sleep

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Sleep?

Let’s face it: Insomnia is the worst. Whether it’s a problem getting to sleep, staying asleep or both, I can help you using hypnosis. Hypnotists will be the first to say that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It’s true.

I’m here to provide you with the tools necessary help you sleep through the night. Whether you believe in the power of your own mind or not, hypnosis will work for you. 

We now see hypnosis in a new light: as a function of Neuroplasticity, a new branch of Neurobiology. Neuroplasticity makes clear that the neurons in our brain, the building blocks responsible for our experiences, are highly flexible. If we are ready for change, and that change is positive, then it can occur.

Hypnosis allows you to access a part of you that’s usually unavailable in a safe, agreed-upon way. In this state, which is one of deep relaxation and acute awareness, we use targeted suggestions (i.e., those that you have chosen) to create change that your mind perceives as meaningful to you.Le

I’ve got Anxiety, and Doubt I’m Even Suggestible Enough for Hypnosis...

You’re not alone thinking that. Many of my most successful hypnosis clients have that fear before they try it. In fact, the same anxiety that is responsible for a great deal of insomnia also relates to this fear.

My training is such that I’m able to reach ninety-nine percent of hypnosis clients a way that will have a positive and powerfully beneficial experience.

What to expect: you’ll be aware of everything going on around you. You will leave the session calm, yet vibrantly alive knowing you now have tools that you can use to help you sleep at night.

Imagine you can now press an “Ambien button” anytime, that will take away your fear of not being able to sleep.

This is just one of many different techniques we have that will assist you on your journey to healthy, nourishing sleep. 

How Hypnosis Reboots Your Brain—In a good way!

You’ve heard the saying that your mind is a computer. Let’s play with that metaphor.

Say you open a certain file in your brain, and if you’ve got sleep, anxiety, or stress issues, it’s crammed with negative beliefs. This worn groove of negative thought patterns is programmed to do one thing, which is, often, to fail. Again. And you feel hopeless trying to overcome the old conditioning.

Hypnosis takes you out of the helpless place, speeding up the creation of new neural networks. By activating a strong positive feeling, we identify how we want to feel about sleep. We first identify the old feeling in our brain, and then overlay a new experience in the area of the brain that had the negative emotions.

By constructing a new set of neural pathways, we support a positive outcome for going to sleep.button” you can press anytime, and that will take away your fear of not being able to sleep.  All of these things are explained more fully in my Amazon prize winning book: Rewired for Sleep: the 28 Day Insomnia Repair Program (available on Kindle).

This is just one of many different techniques we have that will assist you on your journey to sleep.

So, now, with a different sensory and emotional experience stored in that same place in our brain, we can choose how we want to feel. Given a choice, the brain typically goes for a positive option.

The key to healing is working with you to discover the roots of your problems with sleep and creating a supportive and effective treatment program to address them. 

Introducing Somnus
Sleep Therapy

Deep, refreshing, restful sleep is one of the fundamental keys to recovery and sustained good health, as well as a vital contributor to our performance in in life, sports, work and relationships. 

At Blue Phoenix, we consider good and regular sleep to be an essential component of our patients’ journey to optimum wellbeing.

A high percentage of treatment plans include at least some approach towards improving the quality and healing power of your sleep experience. 

Almost all of our treatment modalities include a variety of powerful tools and methods to help to achieve better sleep and relief from insomnia that can be employed to speed and enhance the effectiveness of your program. 

For many people, better sleep will simply be a natural result of the improvement in the physical or mental health condition that led them to Blue Phoenix in the first place.

Virtual Treatments are now available:

For those for whom sleep itself is the core issue however, Somnus Sleep Therapy is our specialist sleep clinic. As is our practice at Blue Phoenix, the Somnus approach is founded on creating an individual plan and self-help pathway, backed by a balanced and personally tailored mix of treatment tools, techniques and remedies.

I was someone who just couldn’t get to sleep in a timely manner and basically dragged myself around for 15 years in the work world. Enter Dan, and boom! I’m still not sure how he did it, but the supplements and the hypnosis, he got me into a great place. I’m now more of a day person, and THAT is practically unheard of. Thank you so much, Dan. You truly are the Man!
Queens, NY
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