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Hypnosis for Unexplained Infertility

Hypnosis Can Help With Unexplained Infertility

Perhaps you are wondering how receiving a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” can possibly be anything but awful news. Certainly, that diagnosis typically strikes fear in couples hoping to be parents. This vague but hard-to-hear diagnosis frustrates couples, makes them feel utterly helpless. Looked at in another way however, it is the best medical diagnosis they can receive. It means there is no physical reason they cannot become parents. Perhaps it helps to see this diagnosis thusly: You are not infertile—you have the medical proof of that—the only bottom line is that you simply haven’t conceived yet.

There Is Hope, and There Is Help

 The body has a natural tendency toward health, and it as been shown, time and again, that nudging the mind toward ‘healthy thinking’ can make a huge physical difference on the body. Just as a person can become ‘sick with worry’, so too can one use the mind as a healing tool. Clinically speaking, hypnosis is far and away the best method for that.  Negative feelings such as anxiety, guilt, stress and shame can create emotional conflict, which then affects the body chemically, compounding any existing reproductive problems. Old issues and emotional trauma can strip a woman of her natural confidence and cause her to exist in a perpetual state of ‘flight or fight’. Though the conscious mind resolves to move past the old incidents, the subconscious, or emotional part of the mind may still be living out feelings of betrayal and/or vague threat. As a result the sympathetic nervous system remains frozen, overriding the body’s natural tendency toward balance.

images-4 As this condition becomes chronic, the relaxation part of the nervous system decides that survival overrides reproduction, and so shuts down the latter, more natural urge. A person in a constant state of stress, often typified by the so-called ‘Type A’ personality, can end up with a variety of stress-related systems. One of these is “unexplained infertility.”

 The assault of neuro-chemicals associated with the “fight or flight” response—often triggered by a perceived emotional or physical threat—translates in the body as muscular contraction. This can speed up the cardiovascular system, releasing “emergency” hormones throughout the body. The body is on alarm, energy is directed toward the “fight” or “flight” mechanisms, i.e., the arms and legs, and away from areas the brain considers less important. The reproductive system becomes expendable. When this perceived emergency state becomes chronic, it becomes necessary to calm the runaway nervous system. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective method for enabling women to regain a sense of tranquility and safety essential for conception to take place.

The Challenge, The Cure

 The now-established belief that medical intervention is the only solution to fertility issues causes a premature rush for medical testing. The stress brought on by this invasive protocol alone can negatively impact on endocrine balance. Sadly, women aged 35 and up are now considered “high-risk.” Just hearing these few words can be enough to increase a woman’s already soaring stress levels. And, to state the obvious, stressor hormones are not conducive environments for fertility.The proliferation of women in high stress jobs only aggravates a tendency toward hormonal imbalances. Many couples have come to rely on medicine to ‘do it for them’.  

Hypnosis is highly effective in handling the emotional issues that, in 25% of infertility cases, lead to ‘unexplained infertility’.  The utilization of deep relaxation techniques, along with images-2lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, can go a long way to restoring hormonal balance. Aside from reducing stress, hypnotherapy also can instill a sense of control back in the client. This in turn enables her to maximize her chances of conceiving naturally and/or increasing the success of medical assistance such as IVF. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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