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Hypnosis For Weight Loss Without Struggling.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Without Struggling

More and more people are using hypnosis for weight loss. Less known is that hypnosis and acupuncture together can help people lose weight more rapidly than any ‘diet’, exercise model or weight-loss gimmick. The genesis for this post was a NY Times article about how MD’s are ‘less nice’ to obese and overweight patients than they are to other patients.  I found that both interesting and more a little angry-making. One patient who was tired of her doctor wagging his finger at her didn’t return, even after finding a lump on her breast. By the time she went back to him the cancer was stage 4. Horrible. Clearly the medical profession is, like society at large, carrying certain biases.

Counting calories helps, but without getting to the root issue it’s destined to fail. Why? Because most people who carry unhealthy weight do so not because they are ‘glutinous’ or lazy— typical attitudes among those not calorically challenged— but because their unconscious mind essentially commands them to do so.  What most people don’t grasp—including MD’s, who are trained to ‘fix’ people — is that along the way, an agreement was reached between the conscious and the unconscious minds that weight was a form of armor, a survival mechanism.

The unconscious is all about survival, and it ran with this agreement.   

 And that’s why seemingly simple methods for weight loss don’t often work: They don’t fit into an overweight person’s survival mechanism (all this is true for smokers as well).  For weight loss to succeed we must communicate with the subconscious via hypnosis. Using trance—another word for bypassing the critical faculty — we first acknowledge the old paradigm and thank it for having done its job of providing comfort and protection when it was needed. We then let it know that it has served its purpose, and that this particular job is no longer needed. Then we re-instruct the subconscious mind by offering it a new survival system. This one, we let it know, is easier on the body and includes half-portions, copious amounts of water, slowing down eating to enjoy every morsel and, yes, exercise.

In my New York clinic, I have seen miracles happen (over time) once the unconscious mind is spoken to directly and clearly. I have witnessed people drop over 100 pounds in just this way. The amount of sessions necessary will depend on how much weight one wants to lose. Typically we find that between 4 and 8 sessions, which may include acupuncture as well, create long-lasting change. Once people’s conscious desire, which is, “I want to lose weight” is aligned with the ‘I must survive’ needs of the unconscious mind, the conflicting viewpoints recede and people tend to keep the weight off.

If you have any questions about how to proceed with this process, contact me at (212) 777-7191.



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