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The Wall Street Journal reported that hypnosis helps IBS. It’s always fascinating when a conservative periodical lauds what many still call ‘alternative therapies’.  That’s precisely what happened when The Wall Street Journal wrote a positive piece on Hypnosis. Of course, it was loaded with information that was, if not plain wrong, then misleading. And as both a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed acupuncturist, I love it when another door opens, and more people are exposed to Alt. Med.

One of the comments to the piece was especially on the money. It was regarding one psychologist’s comment on how one should go to a mental health professional over a dedicated clinical hypnotherapist. Here’s the reply:

When selecting a hypnotherapist, you want the person with the most experience. A mental-health professional who occasionally uses hypnosis is not going to be as effective as someone who practices hypnosis exclusively every day, and has done so for many years.


All I can say to that is, Yes!

Daniel at Blue Phoenix Wellness


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