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Control Obsessive Thinking with hypnosis


Control Obsessive Thinking with Hypnosis

Control obsessive thinking with hypnosis. Certainly there is much in this world to ruminate about. Whether it’s something that happened in the distant past or just today–let’s not get started about tomorrow–the possibilities are seemingly infinite. But we are rarely in touch with just how flexible the human brain is. Using hypnotherapy, we help you rewire your brain so it’s no longer fixated on one thought, image or feeling.


When something’s amiss, the subconscious mind sends out messages that it wants to make a change of some kind. Ruminative thinking is one way it does that.  As we listen to the pleas of our subconscious, we start to create the possibility  for real, welcome change.  Sometimes the mind gets caught up thinking about a health issue. At times a situation feels out of control,  with circular rumination over a person, a job or something else altogether.  We’ve all experienced this exhausting activity.  In its heightened form it is often termed OCD.  Typically the label conjures a chemical ‘solution’, though drugs for OCD never seem to get around to solving anything.

At times the diagnosis alone feels like a source of great discomfort. As a hypnotherapist, I deconstruct the harsh diagnosis to take away some of its power, given that presenting ‘issue’ (OCD or ADHD) merely describes a symptom.


Our goal is to eliminate obsessive thought patterns within three sessions or less. The methods are eclectic, using a combination of classical hypnosis, modern hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. After a chat during which I explain how hypnosis does not take away one’s power but, in fact, re-empowers the individual, we get to work. Once in an altered state (still able to hear everything and make choices) I present a few examples of how you may use “anchors” in your daily life. These anchors are powerful helping you shift your mind from over-amped, back to neutral, or even to a more positive state. Clients are  often amazed at the results they get, and all with the power of their own mind.  Make an appointment

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