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Hypnosis For Rapid Change

Hypnosis can help you quit smoking, relieve cravings and lose weight. We all know that. But did you know it can help you focus your mind better and improve your golf game? That you can relieve insomnia, anxiety, stress and even digestive problems? Hypnosis can help with all of those issues.  Learn now to shift your brain so you can achieve your peak sleep and thus boost your immune system.

Q: What is Hypnosis?

We all drift through multiple states of awareness in a single day. One such state into which we commonly enter is a state of trance. When we become absorbed in a book to the exclusion of everything around us, that’s a form of trance. When we’re driving on a freeway and miss an exit because we’re lost in thought, that too, is trance.  Being “in the zone” is also trance. These states share a sense of focused awareness and relaxation.

Q: Is Hypnosis Dangerous

The answer is no, it isn’t. Your subconscious mind would not allow anyone to manipulate you unless you specifically wanted that. When people are hypnotized onstage and act silly, it’s because in their mind they already knew beforehand that they were going  to allow that to happen. They were “pre-primed” to bark like a dog, or whatever. Remember: your subconscious mind has one single mission: to benefit you at all. times.  Dr. Bernstein is a specialist in sleep disorders and has written a best selling book, Rewired for Sleep: the 28 Day Insomnia Repair Program. In it, he talks about the value of deep relaxation that hypnosis and even guided visualization can do fo anyone who’s stressed out, anxious or unable to sleep through the night.

Q: Why Would my Subconscious let me Smoke, or Eat Too Much?

Because at some point, your subconscious perceived this to be a habit that was helpful to you. This habit comforted you, or made you feel less bad than you had been feeling. It was seen as a survival mechanism. Accessing your subconscious mind makes it easier to create changes you want to make by giving it a new task, and a new reason to fulfill that task. It’s all about replacing an old mindset with a new that helps fill the need of the old mindset, whether it’s safety, comfort, control, attention, or any other need that was being filled at that time. 

Q: Do I go Unconscious when I'm in Hypnosis

You are always acutely aware of everything going on around you. Every sound is perceived. Also, you’re able to move, to scratch an itch or cough–even to get up and leave. The trick? You’re usually so relaxed that you’re perfectly comfortable staying right there, and enjoying the relaxation that you yourself have created. 

Q: Can Hypnosis Help Me Conquer my Phobia?

One of the many little-known aspects of trance work is its effectiveness in helping you to conquer old fears and phobias. I’ve helped many people with their claustrophobia, fear of flying and arachnophobia, just to name three. I’ve also helped with habit release including nail-biting, hair pulling and drinking among other issues.

Q: Can Hypnosis Help With Pain Issues?

People suffering from painful conditions including cancer have found relief from pain using what we call “Glove Anesthesia”. By accessing the feeling one gets when putting a hand In a bucket of ice, we then have the person transfer that numb sensation to another part of the body for several hours at a time. It’s a form of self-hypnosis, and quite brilliant, actually. 

Hypnosis can help people control their lives. Along the way they will far more easily:

  • Conquer cravings including smoking cessation, weight release, sugar addiction, vaping and more                      

  • Diminish insomnia, anxiety, and stress with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Release compulsions such as nail-biting, hair pulling and phobias (fear of flying, spiders, subways and claustrophobia among others.
  • Learn ego-strengthening skills, improve test-taking and conquer procrastination

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