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Hypnosis to Access Your Higher Self

Access Your Higher Self With Hypnosis

We would all like to access our higher self. And most people sense they have such a side to them, but that it is unaccessible on a daily basis. Some call it ‘spirit self’, while others refer to it as their higher self. Whatever one chooses to call it, most of us have had an experience of being ‘guided’ toward taking the right action, effortlessly, and without having to think about it. And it seems to arrive from somewhere other than from our conscious mind. 

images-3We all have experienced such a sensation at some point in our lives, and we know that it is not the product of ‘will power’. In fact, if you’ve ever sworn you wouldn’t to eat that cookie but then did, you’ll know that will power is, at best, unreliable.  Alternately, the higher self is within us all. And while it is connected to creativity and innate wisdom it is also, for reasons to complex to delve into here, closed to us on a day-to-day basis.

That having been said, this work may help to resolve pertinent and pressing issues and help guide us forward. Once you have been guided to ‘the zone’, the hypnotist is almost irrelevant to the process; you then get to ‘play there’ on your own until you are done. At that point he then brings you back to the room. You remember everything you experienced during the session, and if you are ready to, you can start implementing what you have gleaned.

How does it work?  By combining deep hypnosis with sensations of acute awareness the client can access healing aspects of his/her mind even more fully than even normal hypnosis does. In this state one may ask about physical or emotional health, career, family or even the health of others. I was working with an IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) client but it was going slowly; using this process we accessed a more powerful cure that we then implemented successfully. Another client was able to ask questions that led to him repairing his primary relationship in a way that felt organic and safe. Higher Self Hypnosis can serve an extraordinary function as a tool for healing the body, mind and spirit.


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