Hypnosis to Quit Smoking, Sleep Better, and More

Hypnosis is used not only to help people Stop Smoking for Good, it can help you in other areas of your life where you feel stuck. For instance, it can safely help people who are suffering with anxiety, insomnia, and Obsessive Thinking to rewire their nervous system and feel calmer. By safely accessing your unconscious mind, you can get to the crux of many issues . Dr. Bernstein has helped thousands of people using this method, and he details just this process in his bestselling book,  Rewired For Sleep the 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program.

Daniel Bernstein has been at the forefront of combining hypnotherapy with acupuncture in a groundbreaking system that he has been using for sixteen years, called Hypnopuncture. And while the two methods are typically used independent of one another, Blue Phoenix Wellness is perhaps the most well-known clinic in the North East when it comes to groundbreaking therapy for sleep issues. The following list is of just some of what hypnosis treats. Although individual sessions are based purely on your own situation, you can also watch a sample hypnosis video

Hypnosis: Facts and Fiction

In two talks, Daniel explains how hypnosis works, along with misunderstandings about the nature of hypnosis.  You will find it informative and interesting, especially given the  controversies around Hypnosis. 

Part 1

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Part 2

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Curious about Hypnosis?

This audio recording of a trance induction by Daniel Bernstein is intended to be used purely as an example, and not for actual therapeutic purposes...

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