Hypnotic Gastric Bypass Surgery


Change your Mindset, Change your Body.

We all know we need to eater smaller portions, eat healthier foods and increase activity in order to lose weight, but until we change the mindset, if you’re only using the conscious part of the mind, the will power, it’s a struggle, and we don’t need to struggle anymore. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help tap into the greater power of the unconscious power of the mind; to break the old negative mental programming from the past.  Consciously we want to lose weight, but subconsciously we’ve got the old habits, the overeating, the bingeing, the snacking. We won’t stop fighting against the old habits.

What is Hypnotic Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Typically 3 to 5 sessions of hypnosis are required for maximum effectiveness.  In the initial session we identify the client’s reasons for over-eating, such as emotional or ‘comfort eating’, as these will need to be resolved first. We also handle any triggers that might contribute to the sense of being out of control. In the second session we emphasize the value of self-care and how eating in a healthy manner, along with exercise can be positive experiences that enhance self-esteem.

In the third session we engage the subconscious mind to convince the conscious mind that the gastric band surgery has happened. Clients often give feedback that they notice the same “full” sensations as those who have had actual physical surgery experience. As a result they feel fuller more quickly, eat less and begin to lose weight.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the hypnotherapy version of this procedure is that, although the client knows on a conscious level that they have not had surgery, it is successful nevertheless.


Dan: I am so excited and wanted to share with you. The hypnosis has really seemed to work. Over the last few weeks my eating has changed dramatically and I have been exercising more. I have been juicing fruits and vegetables and have been craving fresh clean whole foods and fish! After I juice and drink it I am considerably less hungry.
I feel like this is a huge gift.
For our next session I would like to work on my palette and that I only eat small amounts of the highest quality foods and getting up earlier in the morning to exercise :)
If I can keep this going I will reach all of my goals!
Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you have helped me do so far.
Michele L.   Attorney.


Could this type of Weight Program help me?

Hypnotic gastric band bypass surgery is for people who want to lose a considerable amount of weight. Anyone who is overweight by 30 or more pounds may want to consider this type of help for weight loss. It bears repeating that weight loss occurs through two main actions, the reduction in food consumption, coupled with eating healthy foods, and exercise. Both of these aspects are a necessary part of the success of any hypnotherapy session. The goal of these hypnotherapy sessions is to support your personal intention of self-care by enhancing your desire to take these actions.

 **Some clients opt for hypno-acupuncture. This expanded treatment modality helps to completely shut down any residual cravings while working synergistically to balance the body chemically.

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