Quit Smoking Now…Hypnosis Works

Quit Smoking Now…Hypnosis Works

The Three Words That Made My Day:

A high-powered exec came to me recently because he had not been able to stop smoking with either the patch or nicotine gum.  The man was tired of living the way he had been for years, smoking in secret and away from his home. To his credit, his kids had never seen him with a cigarette in his hand.  A client who had successfully quit with me referred him, and I took him on because I sensed that he was ready to stop. He hadn’t come to me for his wife or his parents, or even for his kids—he wanted to stop for the “selfish reason” that he wanted to be nicotine free.

The session took all of 65 minutes, but he hasn’t had a cigarette since our one session together.

Of course, we can’t predict the future, and recidivism does occur–to deny that would be a lie. But with the proper pre-screening, the likelihood of a fallback can become a rare occurrence.

People wishing to quit smoking often try acupuncture or hypnosis, because both modalities have (correctly) earned reputations as being effective in reducing cravings of all sorts.   My approach uses both techniques successfully: First I place 8 pins in the person’s ears and then I induce trance.

That I have had greater success with this approach than with any other modality is reason enough to keep doing it.

So, what are the three little words I love to hear? (from Daniel Reinaldo Bernstein at Blue Phoenix)


stop smoking with acupuncture and hypnosis

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