Immune Challenges

In my last blog I raised the concept of the 5 barriers to healing and how to treat them.  If you haven’t read that, you might want to do so, if only as an overview of the system. In that article, the first barrier I wrote about was Allergies to Foods. The second? 

Immune Challenges.

This is where people have chronic issues with viruses, bacteria, yeast, parasites and fungus in their body.  And very often in the chronically ill patient, the body’s adapted to these immune challenges so well that the person’s health level is low, but it doesn’t show up in the symptoms of infection. They have no fever; their white blood count isn’t particularly high—in fact, it may be low. In other words the body has adapted to this external pathogen, and the pathogen is quite content to remain under the radar, as it were. But it’s slowly killing its host.

My job is not to treat infections so much as help the body respond to immune challenges; to root out the cause and give the body a chance to heal. Through nutrition we stimulate the body’s ability to get a handle on these situations. We give the body the ability to produce the white blood cells that will help kill various types of bacteria, or digest and break down parasites where they might exist. Along with that comes the consistent process of drainage. Once we root out the bacteria and parasites and toxins, the body has to have a way to get rid of them, through the kidney, and through the bowel; the liver has to be able to filter these things; so there’s a whole system that we use that ensures that the body can eliminate this stuff. We have to have a way to clear out the toxins.

The first thing I do is to test, using Applied Kinesiology, to see if there is an immune challenge, and if so, which immune challenge we have to treat. Once that’s clear, I muscle test every organ to see where the immune challenge sits. Then I proceed with ascertaining what will ignite the ‘healing process’, using one of a host of whole food supplements that specifically target what we’ve found.

And we have to be careful. Because if we find that person has yeast, but also has acute mercury toxicity, you can’t destroy the yeast too quickly. Yeast is a natural chelator. So, like all true healing, it’s less a situation of ‘killing off the bad guys, irrespective of what else happens,’ so much as walking a line—less tightrope and more healing path.

 Next up: Heavy Metals. Bring a chain saw.


Cheers. Daniel at Blue Phoenix Wellness

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