Insomnia: An Integrated Approach

An integrative approach to treating Insomnia

For those with sleeping issues who want help, we find an integrated approach works best. For that reason we may use Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbs), guided visualization (hypnosis or Near-Linguistic Programming) and targeted supplements (hormone balancing) to calm the sympathetic nervous system. This makes it easier for sleep to wash over you in a natural, no-chemical manner. Here’s a bit more on each: 

A. The Acupuncture Model

Although Chinese Medicine views the body differently than Western medicine, it nonetheless identifies different syndromes for sleep issues, much as your doctor might. Whether you suffer from difficulty getting to sleep, wake up too early or feel unrested in the morning, acupuncture helps reboot your nervous system. No matter how your issue manifests, know that we have a way to address it. Contact us if you have any questions. 

B. The Hypnotherapeutic Model.

I always tell people that there’s not much difference between guided visualization and hypnosis. The difference is that trance work, or hypnosis, is a way of helping you reach your subconscious in a scientific manner. This allows you to reconnect with your natural sleep cycle and to use it as a template over and over. Whether you use it with acupuncture (hypnopuncture) or as standalone therapy, Hypnosis is highly effective for breaking the insomnia cycle.

C. The Nutritional Model

It is no secret that most food has toxins that compromise your immune system, and your hormones.  The thyroid and adrenals are all important for sleep. We test the health of the organs and use targeted supplement to repair damage, and  leech out chemicals and food allergens from your system.

Q. How will I know which system will be best for me?

During our initial consultation we discuss your  options and work from there. Our goal is for you to see discernible shifts in your sleep patterns quickly. Once I know the nervous system is ‘available’ for repair, we can proceed with treatment.

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