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Letter to HR Regarding Smokers

This letter to HR regarding smokers is in deadly earnest: Seek out the best method for quitting smoking, offer that to your workers, and sweetly let them know that if they refuse to follow through, then their premiums will rise. At first your tactic will bring outrage, but once they know your are serious, then workers will begin to quit smoking in droves.
Did you know that each smoker costs you roughly $5,816 per year? That’s according to this New York Times article.

Now, what are the most efficient ways for people to stop smoking?
Number 1: A bad cardiac finding (being told you’ll die from a heart attack seems to be very efficient)
Number 2: Hypnosis.
Number 3: Bad lung finding (Emphysema).

Hypnosis is more efficient than a horrible lung illness in helping people quit So why aren’t more companies turning to it for assistance? That’s not a rhetorical question. Why aren’t more companies using hypnosis to help people quit?

I am an acupuncturist and hypnotherapist. My method, using Hypnopuncture, combines acupuncure and hypnosis, two of the most effective systems for quitting, in order to help motivated clients to stop smoking for good.

Feel free to call me and let’s talk about it. (212) 777-7191


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