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Lose Weight Using Organic Supplements

Lose Weight Using Organic Supplements

Properly prescribed, organic supplements give the body nutrients and enzymes missing from the processed, pesticide-ridden food all around us. It’s no wonder we have CRAVINGS. The body wants to be nourished; it’s begging to be fed healthy food, and we keep stuffing it with chemicals, sugar, white carbs—everything but what it requires.  The solution is relatively simple. I say relatively because the path to health requires work {i.e., compliance} on the part of the client—not the state of passivity that we’ve all been raised to accept as gospel.

What sparked today’s post was this article on the diabetes/weight loss drug Mediator that killed and damaged so many people in France.  That it points to coziness between France’s FDA and French Pharma is no shocker. Excoriating Big Pharma is like shooting politicians in a barrel: Easy and, well, don’t tempt me. Suffice it to say that there are natural ways to lose weight that won’t damage your heart but that will help you lose weight and, in the process, return your vital energy to you.

The Supplement Protocol (Using Muscle Testing)

1. Cleansing

  • Test to see if your body has toxins (whether it’s chemicals, heavy metals, immune suppressors, allergens, etc)
  • Test where in your organ system they are located (gut, kidneys, liver)
  • Pull them out of your body in a gentle and efficient manner.

2. Nurture

  • A) Test to find which organs/glands are currently in the greatest deficit.
  • B) Locate the correct nutrients for your body’s needs.
  • C) Muscle Test for correct dosing.
  • D) Adjust as needed.

 Small miracles can take place when our body/mind starts getting the appropriate nutrition it was made to receive. I’ve seen it over and over again. Food cravings diminish radically, weight is lost, energy regained. As I said, the solution is relatively simple.

 I work strictly Standard Process, a supplement company with its own farms that is highly focused on organic whole foods.


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