Medical Hypnosis Can Relieve Pre-Surgical Anxiety


If you are looking at Surgery…

 People are surprised to learn that medical hypnosis can relieve pre-surgical anxiety. Unfamiliar experiences tend to make us nervous, and hospitals and surgery qualify as unfamiliar experiences.
 We anticipate pain, but even more than that, we fear the risks associated with surgery, 
even if they are less common or life-threatening than our imaginations might make them.

The good news is that hypnosis can help relieve your anxiety before surgery and, in the process, potentially improve its outcome.
  Hypnosis offers many benefits. It can:

  • Significantly reduce your anxiety before surgery
  • Reduce bleeding during surgery
  • Promote more rapid healing after surgery
  • Speed your recovery time
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce Stress and boost your immune system.

These claims are supported in the Anesthesia and Analgesia Journal, the results of which were: “The meta-analysis revealed a significant benefit of hypnosis with surgical patients”Click here to read the article. It asserts that hypnosis and guided visualization can improve the outcome of surgery in nine out of ten of cases.  The study concludes: “the results indicated that patients in hypnosis treatment groups had better clinical outcomes in surgery than 89% of patients in control groups. These data strongly support the use of hypnosis with surgical patients.

What they’re saying:

Dear Daniel,

I can only say, ‘Thank You’.   Somehow the idea of surgery lost all its charge; I no longer was worrying before I went in about the outcome.  When I came to, even my sister commented on how relaxed I looked.  I was even joking with her. I can see now that going to you was, despite my initial skepticism, the best gift I could have given myself. I  no longer am a skeptic: I know this works.

David L. New York, NY

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