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Menopause Without Symptoms: Part 1

Menopause Without Symptoms: Part 1

There’s an ancient Chinese adage that says, ‘A doctor would rather treat 10 men than one woman’.

And to that one might add, Especially when it comes to her hormones.

The reason for this, quite sadly, is that most doctors don’t put much effort into addressing a woman’s hormones. Why? Because, they’re, ahem, complicated. So part of what we want to do is, not simplify, but clarify how you can proceed to taking care of yourself during menopause. My approach, over the next few blogs will focus on alternative approaches rather than drugs.

Why Women Lose Bone and get wrinkles at Menopause

New research has shown that Women use up to 30% of their collagen in the first 5 years after menopause, and they also can’t make GLA from their food anymore. GLA is what makes your skin dewy and soft, giving it that luminescent glow which you’ve got a lot of in your 20’s.

There’s great research that primrose oil and Borage (oil 5000mg per day with food) helps to enhance collagen and return that luminescent glow.

Biosil is also getting rave reviews for GLA replacement. It apparently also grows nice strong bones, which on top of hair and nails benefit, is a great secondary plus. 

General Health Protocol

This is a longish list, and I will go more deeply into aspects of each along the way.

  • Reduce stress so the adrenal glands can produce the optimal amount of progesterone and cortisol. Meditation, yoga, massages, and acupuncture can all rejuvenate the body’s stress-coping systems: the adrenal glands and the autonomic nervous system.
  • Eat black beans, green beans, and legumes to support your reproductive system.
  • Reduce your intake of simple sugars. They damage your nerves and blood vessels and wrinkle your skin.
  • Red wine can improve circulation, lower bad cholesterol, and act as an anti-oxidant. Have a glass of red wine twice a week, but half that if you’re experiencing night sweats.
  • Have regular sex. Sex can activate positive feedback to increase estrogen and progesterone production, as well as prevent vaginal dryness; the simple truth is that if you don’t use it, you will lose it.
  • Try and establish 6-7 hours of good quality sleep. This benefits the immune system and rejuvenates the internal organs.
  • Avoid/detoxify from environmental xenoestrogens (external substances that, directly or indirectly, act like estrogens) to avoid estrogen dominance. Avoid nonylphenol, a xenoestrogen  that’s found not only in plastic containers but also detergents and pesticides.
  • Protect your liver and kidney functions by taking fewer medications and eating whole foods whenever possible.
  • Break the negative cycle of emotions. When depressing thoughts preoccupy you, substitute them with positive images. This may be easier said than done at times.  Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming both help reframe the brain to think positively.

I hope  this helps . And if you feel that you could benefit from acupuncture and/or hypnotherapy,

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